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NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
190 Degrees West190 Degrees West
TR19 7AD
TR19 7AD2017-06-13
2 Fore Street2 Fore Street
Fore Street Restaurant
2 Fore Street
TR19 6PF
TR19 6PF2018-06-19
Ablecare MenwinnionAblecare Menwinnion
Ablecare Menwinnion Ltd
Menwinnion Country House
TR19 6BJ
TR19 6BJ2018-06-27
Age Concern St Just & PendeenAge Concern St Just & Pendeen
St Just Recreation Centre
Fore Street
TR19 7QX
TR19 7QX2012-10-22
Apple Tree CafeApple Tree Cafe
Appletree Cafe
TR19 7AQ
TR19 7AQ2018-05-25
Benoni Nursing HomeBenoni Nursing Home
Benoni Nursing Home Limited
12 Carrallack Terrace
TR19 7LW
TR19 7LW2018-08-20
Blue Lagoon Fish BarBlue Lagoon Fish Bar
Blue Lagoon
Sennen Cove
TR19 7DF
TR19 7DF2018-07-24
Bosavern Community FarmBosavern Community Farm
St Just
TR19 7RD
TR19 7RD2015-06-23
Bosavern HouseBosavern House
St Just
TR19 7RD
TR19 7RD2017-10-26
The Count House
TR19 7QQ
TR19 7QQ2016-07-20
Cable Station InnCable Station Inn
The Valley
TR19 6JX
TR19 6JX2018-07-30
Cafe Dog And RabbitCafe Dog And Rabbit
North Row
St Just
TR19 7LB
TR19 7LB2018-10-02
Cape Cornwall Golf & LeisureCape Cornwall Golf & Leisure
Cape Cornwall Golf & Country Club
St Just
TR19 7NL
TR19 7NL2018-11-29
Cape Cornwall SchoolCape Cornwall School
Cape Cornwall Street
St Just
TR19 7JX
TR19 7JX2018-05-10
Cardinney Camp SiteCardinney Camp Site
Cardinney Caravan Park
St Buryan
TR19 6HX
TR19 6HX2017-08-17
Children's ArkChildren's Ark
Childrens Ark
Pendeen School
TR19 7SE
TR19 7SE2018-12-12
Chypraze Happy PigsChypraze Happy Pigs
Chypraze Farm
TR19 7TU
TR19 7TU2018-02-07
Community HouseCommunity House
The Community House
Newlyn Road
TR19 6DU
TR19 6DU2018-08-09
Counthouse CafeCounthouse Cafe
Geevor Tin Mine
TR19 7EW
TR19 7EW2018-12-12
Croust House TakeawayCroust House Takeaway
Treverven Farm
St Buryan
TR19 6DL
TR19 6DL2017-08-23
Dor Lewern Bed And BreakfastDor Lewern Bed And Breakfast
Dor Lewern
Marias Lane
TR19 7BX
TR19 7BX2015-06-23
Field HouseField House
Trewellard Road
TR19 7ST
TR19 7ST2018-04-09
First And Last InnFirst And Last Inn
TR19 7AD
TR19 7AD2018-05-21
Fish And BubblesFish And Bubbles
TR19 6JU
TR19 6JU2018-07-26
Four Teas CafeFour Teas Cafe
3 Mill Lane
TR19 6RP
TR19 6RP2018-06-19
Friday Lunch ClubFriday Lunch Club
Community Centre
Atlantic Crescent
TR19 7AS
TR19 7AS2016-05-06
Hole Foods DeliHole Foods Deli
Calebs Deli
Harbour View Craft Centre
TR19 6PH
TR19 6PH2017-04-27
Ice Cream ShopIce Cream Shop
The Sailoft
Sennen Cove
TR19 7DF
TR19 7DF2017-09-01
Jeremy's Fish And Chip ShopJeremy's Fish And Chip Shop
Jeremys Fish And Chip Restaurant
2 Market Square
TR19 7HF
TR19 7HF2018-05-09
Jessie's DairyJessie's Dairy
11 Fore Street
TR19 6TQ
TR19 6TQ2017-06-09
K & D McFaddenK & D McFadden
McFaddens Butchers
11 Market Square
TR19 7HD
TR19 7HD2018-05-23
Kegen TegKegen Teg
Kegen Teg Ltd
12 Market Square
TR19 7HD
TR19 7HD2017-04-07
Kings ArmsKings Arms
The Kings Arms
5 Market Square
TR19 7HF
TR19 7HF2018-02-19
Lamorna Cove CafeLamorna Cove Cafe
TR19 6XQ
TR19 6XQ2017-04-12
Lamorna Cove HotelLamorna Cove Hotel
The Cove
Well Lane
TR19 6XH
TR19 6XH2016-08-22
Lamorna Garden CafeLamorna Garden Cafe
Lamorna Pottery
St Buryan
TR19 6NY
TR19 6NY2018-10-11
Levant Beam Engine Museum - National TrustLevant Beam Engine Museum - National Trust
Levant Beam Engine Museum
Levant Road
TR19 7SX
TR19 7SX2017-06-07
Lils Fish And Chips
Church Road
TR19 7DN
TR19 7DN2018-07-17
Maria ChicaMaria Chica
11 Church Road
TR19 7SF
TR19 7SF2019-01-31
Minack TheatreMinack Theatre
TR19 6JU
TR19 6JU2018-07-30
Mousehole Primary SchoolMousehole Primary School
Mousehole School
Foxes Lane
TR19 6QQ
TR19 6QQ2018-06-19
North InnNorth Inn
The North Inn
The Square
TR19 7DN
TR19 7DN2018-05-09
Pendeen Lunch ClubPendeen Lunch Club
The Parish Hall
Church Road
TR19 7SE
TR19 7SE2018-06-21
Pendeen SchoolPendeen School
Church Road
TR19 7SE
TR19 7SE2017-12-11
Porthchapel Cream TeasPorthchapel Cream Teas
Grey Gables
TR19 6JT
TR19 6JT2015-07-30
Porthgwarra CafePorthgwarra Cafe
Porthgwarra Shop
TR19 6JR
TR19 6JR2017-08-16
Queens ArmsQueens Arms
St Just
TR19 7QG
TR19 7QG2018-09-12
Radjel InnRadjel Inn
The Radjel Inn
Boscaswell Terrace
TR19 7DS
TR19 7DS2017-08-18
Red Star Chinese TakeawayRed Star Chinese Takeaway
1 Cape Cornwall Street
St Just
TR19 7JZ
TR19 7JZ2018-08-20
Rock PoolRock Pool
Rock Pool Cafe
The Parade
TR19 6PR
TR19 6PR2018-06-19
Sennen & Land's End Pre SchoolSennen & Land's End Pre School
Sennen And Lands End Pre School
Sennen School
TR19 7AW
TR19 7AW2014-04-23
Sennen SchoolSennen School
Mayon Green
TR19 7AW
TR19 7AW2017-12-19
Ship InnShip Inn
South Cliff
TR19 6QX
TR19 6QX2018-08-10
Solomon Browne HallSolomon Browne Hall
Solomon Browne Memorial Hall Associ
Duck Street Stores
TR19 6QW
TR19 6QW2016-11-02
St Buryan Academy Primary SchoolSt Buryan Academy Primary School
Rectory Road
St Buryan
TR19 6BB
TR19 6BB2018-01-18
St Buryan Farm ShopSt Buryan Farm Shop
St Buryan
TR19 6EL
TR19 6EL2018-11-28
St Buryan InnSt Buryan Inn
Lands End Road
St Buryan
TR19 6BA
TR19 6BA2018-12-05
St Johns HouseSt Johns House
Boscaswell Downs
TR19 7DP
TR19 7DP2016-06-08
St Just CP SchoolSt Just CP School
St Just Primary School
Bosorne Road
TR19 7JU
TR19 7JU2017-06-06
St Just Free ChurchSt Just Free Church
Bosorne Terrace
St Just
TR19 7LY
TR19 7LY2016-02-02
St Just Methodist ChurchSt Just Methodist Church
20 Chapel Street
St Just
TR19 7LT
TR19 7LT2017-12-29
St Levan Primary SchoolSt Levan Primary School
St Leven Community Primary School
School Hill
TR19 6HD
TR19 6HD2013-11-13
Surf Beach BarSurf Beach Bar
Ben Tunnicliffe Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove
TR19 7DG
TR19 7DG2018-05-21
Telegraph Museum PorthcurnoTelegraph Museum Porthcurno
Porthcurno Telegraph Museum
TR19 6JX
TR19 6JX2017-09-08
The BakehouseThe Bakehouse
The Old Bakehouse
Lands End Heritage Centre
TR19 7AA
TR19 7AA2017-08-31
The Beach TakeawayThe Beach Takeaway
The Beach Store
Sennen Cove
TR19 7DG
TR19 7DG2018-09-07
The BramblesThe Brambles
Cape Cornwall School
Cape Cornwall Street
TR19 7JX
TR19 7JX2017-09-08
The Cafe At Porthcurno BeachThe Cafe At Porthcurno Beach
Porthcurno Beach Cafe
TR19 6JX
TR19 6JX2017-04-12
The Commercial HotelThe Commercial Hotel
Commercial Hotel
Market Square
TR19 7HE
TR19 7HE2018-11-21
The Cook BookThe Cook Book
4 Cape Cornwall Street
St Just
TR19 7JZ
TR19 7JZ2019-01-29
The Kings ArmsThe Kings Arms
Kings Arms
13 Mousehole Lane
TR19 6TZ
TR19 6TZ2018-12-17
The Lamorna WinkThe Lamorna Wink
Lamorna Wink
TR19 6XQ
TR19 6XQ2017-06-26
The Lands End HotelThe Lands End Hotel
Lands End Hotel
TR19 7AA
TR19 7AA2018-12-10
The Logan Rock InnThe Logan Rock Inn
Logan Rock Inn
TR19 6LG
TR19 6LG2018-06-21
The Old Coastguard HotelThe Old Coastguard Hotel
Old Coastguard Hotel
The Parade
TR19 6PR
TR19 6PR2018-06-19
The Old Pilchard Press CafeThe Old Pilchard Press Cafe
The Old Pilchard Press
Portland Place
TR19 6RY
TR19 6RY2018-05-16
The Old Success InnThe Old Success Inn
Old Success Inn
Sennen Cove
TR19 7DG
TR19 7DG2018-07-24
The Sennen Bar & Bistro LimitedThe Sennen Bar & Bistro Limited
The Sennen Bar And Restaurant
White Sands Lodge
TR19 7AR
TR19 7AR2017-10-26
The SquareThe Square
10 Market Square
St Just
TR19 7HD
TR19 7HD2018-05-09
Tower Park Caravans & CampingTower Park Caravans & Camping
Tower Farm Camping Site
St Buryan
TR19 6BZ
TR19 6BZ2018-07-27
Treen CafeTreen Cafe
The Shop
TR19 6LF
TR19 6LF2018-05-25
Treen Farm CampsiteTreen Farm Campsite
St Levan
TR19 6LF
TR19 6LF2014-06-27
Treen House Bed And BreakfastTreen House Bed And Breakfast
TR19 6LG
TR19 6LG2015-06-22
Tremayne Bed & BreakfastTremayne Bed & Breakfast
Parade Hill
TR19 6PN
TR19 6PN2018-08-10
Trevaylor Caravan And Camping ParkTrevaylor Caravan And Camping Park
Truthwall Lane
TR19 7PU
TR19 7PU2018-08-20
Trevedra Farm Caravan & Camp SiteTrevedra Farm Caravan & Camp Site
Trevedra Farm
TR19 7BE
TR19 7BE2018-08-08
Trewellard Arms HotelTrewellard Arms Hotel
Trewellard Road
TR19 7TA
TR19 7TA2017-06-23
Trewellard MeaderyTrewellard Meadery
TR19 7SU
TR19 7SU2017-07-13
Vivian OldsVivian Olds
Vivian Olds Butchers
2 Chapel Road
TR19 7HS
TR19 7HS2018-11-22
W & J B JacksonW & J B Jackson
The Stores
1 Lands End Road
TR19 6ES
TR19 6ES2018-08-01
Warrens Bakery LimitedWarrens Bakery Limited
Warrens Bakery
7 Market Square
TR19 7HD
TR19 7HD2014-11-27
Wellington HotelWellington Hotel
The Wellington Hotel
8 - 9 Market Square
TR19 7HD
TR19 7HD2018-11-01
West Cornwall Painting HolidaysWest Cornwall Painting Holidays
The Old Workshop
2 Lower Drift
TR19 6AA
TR19 6AA2017-12-07
Western Rocks Coffee CoWestern Rocks Coffee Co
Coffee Repulic
Lands End Airport
TR19 7RL
TR19 7RL2018-11-21
White RaddishWhite Raddish
Tremorna Farm
TR19 6NL
TR19 6NL2017-07-03
Letcha Vean Youth Hostel
Cot Valley
TR19 7NT
TR19 7NT2017-08-18
NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
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