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NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
Badgers HoltBadgers Holt
Badgers Holt Dartmeet Princetown Devon
PL20 6SG
PL20 6SG2017-09-07
A Cupful of CakesA Cupful of Cakes
9 Barons Road
PL20 6NG
PL20 6NG2018-03-15
Abbeyfield (Buck Mon) Society Ltd/HMAbbeyfield (Buck Mon) Society Ltd/HM
Pilchers Field
The Crescent
PL20 7PS
PL20 7PS2017-11-23
Barnabas House B&BBarnabas House B&B
Barnabas House
Harrowbeer Lane
PL20 6DY
PL20 6DY2017-02-22
Bere Alston Bowling ClubBere Alston Bowling Club
Bere Alston Bowling Club
PL20 7DZ
PL20 7DZ2018-02-07
Bere Alston Primary School (Field)Bere Alston Primary School (Field)
Bere Alston Primary School
Station Road
PL20 7AU
PL20 7AU2018-03-29
Brimpts FarmBrimpts Farm
Brimpts Farm
PL20 6SG
PL20 6SG2018-03-29
Co Operative GroupCo Operative Group
3-4 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2017-08-31
Co-operative Group Food LtdCo-operative Group Food Ltd
8-10 Fore Street
PL20 7AD
PL20 7AD2016-08-23
Curry ExpressCurry Express
2 Buckland Terrace
PL20 6AD
PL20 6AD2018-03-25
Dartmoor BakeryDartmoor Bakery
The Corner Shop
Leg O Mutton Corner
PL20 6DJ
PL20 6DJ2016-06-27
Dee.....licious !!Dee.....licious !!
25 Phoenix Close
PL20 7SY
PL20 7SY2018-02-01
Dousland Post Office & StoresDousland Post Office & Stores
11b Barons Road
PL20 6NG
PL20 6NG2017-01-24
Drake Manor InnDrake Manor Inn
Drake Manor Inn
The Village
PL20 7NA
PL20 7NA2017-03-27
Duchy House Guest HouseDuchy House Guest House
Duchy House
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QF
PL20 6QF2018-01-10
East Dart HotelEast Dart Hotel
East Dart Hotel
PL20 6TJ
PL20 6TJ2018-03-20
Edgemoor Nursery SchoolEdgemoor Nursery School
Edgemoor Nursery, Trimal House
PL20 7PE
PL20 7PE2017-03-14
15 The Village
PL20 7NA
PL20 7NA2019-02-14
Forest InnForest Inn
The Forest Inn
PL20 6SD
PL20 6SD2019-02-06
Fox Tor CafeFox Tor Cafe
Fox Tor Cafe
Two Bridges Road
PL20 6QS
PL20 6QS2018-03-20
Hartcare at RavenscroftHartcare at Ravenscroft
Hart Care Nursing And Residential Home
Crapstone Road
PL20 6BT
PL20 6BT2018-01-14
Heatherside HouseHeatherside House
Heatherside House Care Home
Princetown Road
PL20 6NN
PL20 6NN2018-03-08
Holy Trinity ChurchHoly Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Church Of England
Fore Street
PL20 7AD
PL20 7AD2016-05-18
Honeys BakeryHoneys Bakery
16 Station Road
PL20 7SS
PL20 7SS2018-03-14
Hope Cottage CafeHope Cottage Cafe
Lindon Cottage
41 Fore Street
PL20 7AB
PL20 7AB2017-10-26
Horrabridge Primary SchoolHorrabridge Primary School
Horrabridge Primary School
Walkhampton Road
PL20 7SZ
PL20 7SZ2018-03-23
Horrabridge StoresHorrabridge Stores
Horrabridge Stores
Commercial Road
PL20 7QB
PL20 7QB2018-01-14
J & S DowningJ & S Downing
18 Fore Street
PL20 7AD
PL20 7AD2018-03-14
Jasmine Chinese RestaurantJasmine Chinese Restaurant
3 Buckland Terrace
PL20 6AD
PL20 6AD2018-03-25
London InnLondon Inn
The London Inn
23 Station Road
PL20 7ST
PL20 7ST2018-03-27
Lotties CakesLotties Cakes
The Mumbles
57 Broad Park Road
PL20 7DT
PL20 7DT2017-10-25
Lydgate House HotelLydgate House Hotel
Lydgate House Hotel
PL20 6TJ
PL20 6TJ2014-07-02
Meavy Church of England Primary SchoolMeavy Church of England Primary School
Meavy Church Of England Primary School
Road From Lower Meavy Bridge To Marchants Way
PL20 6PJ
PL20 6PJ2018-03-06
Moor T @ Long AshMoor T @ Long Ash
Long Ash
PL20 7LL
PL20 7LL2018-03-06
Moorgate Residential HomeMoorgate Residential Home
Moorgate Residential Home
PL20 7RZ
PL20 7RZ2018-03-08
Moorland Garden HotelMoorland Garden Hotel
Moorland Garden Hotel
Lane To Moorland Links Hotel
PL20 6DA
PL20 6DA2018-10-16
Old Police Station CafeOld Police Station Cafe
Old Police Station Cafe
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QF
PL20 6QF2018-03-28
Ox-Yard RestaurantOx-Yard Restaurant
Buckland Abbey
Road From Fairfield To South L
PL20 6EY
PL20 6EY2018-03-20
Penmoor Nursery SchoolPenmoor Nursery School
Memorial Hall
Meavy Lane
PL20 6AL
PL20 6AL2018-03-23
Pepper Street BakeryPepper Street Bakery
13 Cornwall Street
PL20 7BE
PL20 7BE2016-12-21
PL20 6SG
PL20 6SG2019-02-06
Pixies HoltPixies Holt
Pixies Holt
Road From Dartmeet Bridge To H
PL20 6SG
PL20 6SG2018-03-29
Pizwell FarmPizwell Farm
Pizwell Farm
Road To Pizwell Farm
PL20 6TN
PL20 6TN2017-01-11
Post Office StoresPost Office Stores
Post Office Stores
PL20 6TH
PL20 6TH2017-10-30
Powdermills PotteryPowdermills Pottery
The Forge, Powder Mills
PL20 6SP
PL20 6SP2016-04-20
Premier StorePremier Store
11 Fore Street
PL20 7AA
PL20 7AA2018-01-14
Prince Hall HotelPrince Hall Hotel
Prince Hall Hotel
PL20 6SA
PL20 6SA2018-12-18
Princetown Community Primary SchoolPrincetown Community Primary School
Princetown Primary School
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QE
PL20 6QE2017-05-25
PWS-Dartmoor InnPWS-Dartmoor Inn
Dartmoor Inn
PL20 6ST
PL20 6ST2018-06-22
PWS-Peek Hill FarmPWS-Peek Hill Farm
Peek Hill Farm
PL20 6PD
PL20 6PD2017-01-24
Royal Oak InnRoyal Oak Inn
The Royal Oak
PL20 6PJ
PL20 6PJ2018-03-14
Rumleigh FarmRumleigh Farm
Rumleigh Farm
PL20 7HN
PL20 7HN2017-11-09
Runnage FarmRunnage Farm
Runnage Farm
Road To Runnage Bridge
PL20 6TN
PL20 6TN2017-01-10
St Andrews School PTASt Andrews School PTA
St Andrews Church Of England Primary Sch
The Village
PL20 7NA
PL20 7NA2017-12-13
St. John the Baptist ChurchSt. John the Baptist Church
St John The Baptists Church
Station Road
PL20 7RF
PL20 7RF2018-12-14
Tamar Belle LtdTamar Belle Ltd
Tamar Belle Dining Car, Bere Ferrers Station
Drummond Way
PL20 7LT
PL20 7LT2018-03-28
Tamar Valley PreservesTamar Valley Preserves
Parsonage Farm
Road From Hole Cross To St Aub
PL20 7JF
PL20 7JF2017-01-11
Taphill TakeawayTaphill Takeaway
7 Station Road
PL20 7EJ
PL20 7EJ2018-03-23
The Burrator InnThe Burrator Inn
The Burrator Inn
Princetown Road
PL20 6NP
PL20 6NP2018-03-08
The CherrybrookThe Cherrybrook
The Cherrybrook
PL20 6SP
PL20 6SP2018-07-10
The ChippieThe Chippie
17 Station Road
PL20 7ST
PL20 7ST2019-02-26
The Edgcumbe HotelThe Edgcumbe Hotel
Edgcumbe Hotel
2 Fore Street
PL20 7AD
PL20 7AD2018-03-29
The Game LarderThe Game Larder
6 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2017-08-31
The Garden HouseThe Garden House
The Garden House
PL20 7LQ
PL20 7LQ2018-03-07
The Leaping SalmonThe Leaping Salmon
The Leaping Salmon Inn
Whitchurch Road
PL20 7TP
PL20 7TP2018-11-08
The Old Dairy Bed & BreakfastThe Old Dairy Bed & Breakfast
The Old Dairy
Road Past Devon Tors Hotel
PL20 6DW
PL20 6DW2018-03-15
The Olde Plough InnThe Olde Plough Inn
Old Plough Inn
Fore Street
PL20 7JL
PL20 7JL2018-11-08
The Plume of Feathers InnThe Plume of Feathers Inn
Plume Of Feathers Inn
Plymouth Hill
PL20 6QQ
PL20 6QQ2018-09-13
The Prince of WalesThe Prince of Wales
Prince Of Wales
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QF
PL20 6QF2018-03-08
The Red House Residential HomeThe Red House Residential Home
The Red House Residential Home
PL20 6EF
PL20 6EF2017-03-14
The Rock InnThe Rock Inn
The Rock Inn
PL20 6DS
PL20 6DS2018-03-30
The Skylark InnThe Skylark Inn
Skylark Inn
PL20 6JD
PL20 6JD2018-03-12
The Warren House InnThe Warren House Inn
Warren House Inn
PL20 6TA
PL20 6TA2018-03-08
The Who'd Have Thought ItThe Who'd Have Thought It
The Who'd Have Thought It Inn
PL20 6HP
PL20 6HP2017-11-28
Toops FoodsToops Foods
The Cottage, Gees Farm
PL20 6LF
PL20 6LF2018-12-07
Tor Royal FarmTor Royal Farm
Tor Royal
PL20 6SL
PL20 6SL
Two Bridges HotelTwo Bridges Hotel
Two Bridges Hotel
PL20 6SW
PL20 6SW2018-12-18
Venville HouseVenville House
Venville House Residential Home
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QE
PL20 6QE2019-02-06
Victoria Social ClubVictoria Social Club
Victoria Social Club
Station Road
PL20 7EJ
PL20 7EJ2017-01-11
Unit 2, Moorland House
5 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2018-10-16
W A Bidder & SonsW A Bidder & Sons
2 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2017-08-31
Walkhampton InnWalkhampton Inn
The Walkhampton Inn
PL20 6JY
PL20 6JY2018-03-02
Walkhampton Lady Modiford's C or E PWalkhampton Lady Modiford's C or E P
Lady Modifords Church Of England Primary School
PL20 6JR
PL20 6JR2018-03-15
Walkhampton Pre SchoolWalkhampton Pre School
Memorial Hall
Road From Knowle View To Hillc
PL20 6JN
PL20 6JN2016-10-05
West View Residential HomeWest View Residential Home
West View Residential Home
72 Broad Park Road
PL20 7DU
PL20 7DU2018-03-29
Wydemet B&BWydemet B&B
PL20 6SF
PL20 6SF2018-03-13
Yelverton Care LLPYelverton Care LLP
The Yelverton Nursing And Residential Ho
2-4 Greenbank Terrace
PL20 6DR
PL20 6DR2018-01-14
Yelverton GarageYelverton Garage
Yelverton Garage
1 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2017-11-10
Yelverton Golf ClubYelverton Golf Club
Yelverton Golf Club
Golf Links Road
PL20 6BN
PL20 6BN2018-03-30
Zest Kitchens LtdZest Kitchens Ltd
43 Chapel Meadow
PL20 7LR
PL20 7LR2017-11-28
NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
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