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NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
Banbury Catering (Commercial) Ltd.Banbury Catering (Commercial) Ltd.
Broughton Castle Tea Rooms And Shop
Broughton Castle
OX15 5EB
OX15 5EB2017-06-21
Banbury Hockey Club (formerly Drayton Sports And Social ClubBanbury Hockey Club (formerly Drayton Sports And Social Club
Drayton School
OX15 6QS
OX15 6QS2015-10-15
Banbury RFC LtdBanbury RFC Ltd
Banbury Rugby Union Football Club
Oxford Road
OX15 4AF
OX15 4AF2019-02-11
Banbury Service StationBanbury Service Station
Oxford Road
OX15 4AB
OX15 4AB2017-10-09
Bannatynes Health ClubBannatynes Health Club
Oxford Road
OX15 4AF
OX15 4AF2017-01-06
Bengal SpiceBengal Spice
New Street
OX15 0SP
OX15 0SP2018-03-22
Bishop Carpenter Primary SchoolBishop Carpenter Primary School
School Lane
North Newington
OX15 6AQ
OX15 6AQ2017-05-22
Bloxham Baptist ChurchBloxham Baptist Church
Baptist Church
Hawke Lane
OX15 4PY
OX15 4PY2017-03-02
Bloxham Bowls ClubBloxham Bowls Club
The Ridgeway
OX15 4NF
OX15 4NF2014-06-12
Bloxham Fish BarBloxham Fish Bar
High Street
OX15 4LU
OX15 4LU2017-03-08
Bloxham Football ClubBloxham Football Club
Jubilee Park
Barley Close
OX15 4NJ
OX15 4NJ2012-05-01
Bloxham SchoolBloxham School
All Saints
Bloxham School
OX15 4PE
OX15 4PE2016-11-10
Bloxham Service StationBloxham Service Station
Motor Fuel Ltd
Bloxham Service Station
OX15 4QF
OX15 4QF2017-01-05
Bodicote Flyover Farm ShopBodicote Flyover Farm Shop
White Post Road
OX15 4BN
OX15 4BN2016-07-25
Bodicote StoresBodicote Stores
Bodicote Post Office And Stores
43 Molyneux Drive
OX15 4AX
OX15 4AX2013-01-09
Broughton And North Newington Sports ClubBroughton And North Newington Sports Club
Shutford Road
North Newington
OX15 6AW
OX15 6AW2012-08-24
Broughton Grounds Farm Bed & BreakfastBroughton Grounds Farm Bed & Breakfast
Broughton Grounds Farm Bed And Brea
Street From Sandfine Road To Shutfo
OX15 6AW
OX15 6AW2013-08-05
Caffe RoseCaffe Rose
T Rose Amusements
Blue Pitts
OX15 4JB
OX15 4JB2017-02-28
Caterlink Ltd - Hornton Primary SchoolCaterlink Ltd - Hornton Primary School
Hornton Primary School
Church Lane
OX15 6BZ
OX15 6BZ
Chartwells @ Wroxton CollegeChartwells @ Wroxton College
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Wroxton College
OX15 6PX
OX15 6PX2018-03-08
Co Op
4 Market Place
OX15 0SB
OX15 0SB2017-08-09
High Street
OX15 4LU
OX15 4LU2014-04-17
Cotefield Bed And BreakfastCotefield Bed And Breakfast
Cotefield B\&B
1 Cotefield Cottages
OX15 4AQ
OX15 4AQ2014-10-16
Crown And Tuns (Pudding Face Ltd)Crown And Tuns (Pudding Face Ltd)
Crown And Tuns
New Street
OX15 0SP
OX15 0SP2018-02-16
Daphne's Coffee ShopDaphne's Coffee Shop
4 Murdock Close
OX15 0UL
OX15 0UL2016-09-06
Deddington Village NurseryDeddington Village Nursery
Hempton Road
OX15 0QH
OX15 0QH2012-03-19
F Eagles Fresh Foods
Market Place
OX15 0SE
OX15 0SE2018-02-28
Elephant And CastleElephant And Castle
Humber Street
OX15 4LZ
OX15 4LZ2018-09-28
Fairholme HouseFairholme House
Church Street
OX15 4DW
OX15 4DW2018-03-26
Featherton HouseFeatherton House
Chapel Square
OX15 0SG
OX15 0SG2017-11-24
Fielding Day Centre At Sibford Gower Village HallFielding Day Centre At Sibford Gower Village Hall
Sibford Gower Village Hall
Acre Ditch
OX15 5RW
OX15 5RW2017-05-24
Tuckers House
Market Place
OX15 0SA
OX15 0SA2017-11-29
Fresh Start @ Sibford Gower Primary SchoolFresh Start @ Sibford Gower Primary School
Fresh Start
Sibford Gower Endowed Primary Schoo
OX15 5RW
OX15 5RW2018-02-27
Fresh Start At Shenington Primary SchoolFresh Start At Shenington Primary School
Shenington Church Of England Primar
Stocking Lane
OX15 6NF
OX15 6NF2017-11-03
Fresh Start Catering @ Bloxham Primary SchoolFresh Start Catering @ Bloxham Primary School
Bloxham Church Of England Primary S
Tadmarton Road
OX15 4HP
OX15 4HP2015-06-16
Fresh Start Catering @ Deddington Primary SchoolFresh Start Catering @ Deddington Primary School
Fresh Start Catering
Deddington Church Of England Primar
OX15 0TJ
OX15 0TJ2017-05-19
Fresh Start Catering Ltd At Wroxton C Of E Primary SchoolFresh Start Catering Ltd At Wroxton C Of E Primary School
Wroxton Church Of England Primary S
Lampitts Green
OX15 6QJ
OX15 6QJ2017-06-09
Glebefields Nursing HomeGlebefields Nursing Home
Brighterkind Glebefields
Stratford Road A422
OX15 6EH
OX15 6EH2018-08-20
Godswell ParkGodswell Park
Church Street
OX15 4ES
OX15 4ES2018-09-10
Greens Village StoreGreens Village Store
Main Road
Sibford Ferris
OX15 5BP
OX15 5BP2018-03-26
Banbury Service Station
Oxford Road
OX15 4AB
OX15 4AB2017-10-09
Harrison Catering @ Warriner SchoolHarrison Catering @ Warriner School
The Warriner School
Banbury Road
OX15 4LJ
OX15 4LJ2017-12-19
High Flyers Oxford LtdHigh Flyers Oxford Ltd
Deddington Church Of England Primar
Earls Lane
OX15 0TJ
OX15 0TJ2017-11-08
Hill BarnHill Barn
Milton Gated Road
OX15 0TS
OX15 0TS2013-08-16
Hook Norton Baptist ChurchHook Norton Baptist Church
Netting Street
Hook Norton
OX15 5NJ
OX15 5NJ2018-10-01
Hook Norton Brewery Ltd @ Visitor CentreHook Norton Brewery Ltd @ Visitor Centre
Hook Norton Brewery In Visitor Cent
Brewery Lane
OX15 5NY
OX15 5NY2017-12-07
Hook Norton Butchers LtdHook Norton Butchers Ltd
Hook Norton Butchers
1 Heath Court
OX15 5EG
OX15 5EG2018-11-23
Hook Norton Sports And Social ClubHook Norton Sports And Social Club
The Bourne
Hook Norton
OX15 5PB
OX15 5PB2016-09-07
Hornton Grounds Farm ShopHornton Grounds Farm Shop
Hornton Grounds Farm
Street From Bell Street To Stratfor
OX15 6HH
OX15 6HH2018-05-24
Hornton Grounds Farmhouse (B&B)Hornton Grounds Farmhouse (B&B)
Hornton Grounds Farm
OX15 6HH
OX15 6HH2015-02-18
Horse And Groom InnHorse And Groom Inn
Main Road
OX15 4RS
OX15 4RS2016-08-16
Horse And JockeyHorse And Jockey
Malthouse Lane
OX15 4BU
OX15 4BU2016-08-04
Hot N TastyHot N Tasty
Blue Pitts
South Newington Road
OX15 4JB
OX15 4JB2017-05-15
May Fu Two RestaurantMay Fu Two Restaurant
Mayfu Two Restaurant
New Street
OX15 0SP
OX15 0SP2017-11-29
New Road Stores (Best One)New Road Stores (Best One)
New Road Stores
14 New Road
OX15 4RJ
OX15 4RJ2018-02-16
Oaks Coffee ShopOaks Coffee Shop
Oaks Coffes Shop Cotefield Nurserie
Cotefield Farm
OX15 4AQ
OX15 4AQ2018-10-05
Ofishial FoodsOfishial Foods
17 Sugarswell Business Park
Sugarswell Lane
OX15 6HW
OX15 6HW2017-08-31
Otters RestaurantOtters Restaurant
Market Place
OX15 0SA
OX15 0SA2017-06-20
Pear Tree InnPear Tree Inn
Scotland End
Hook Norton
OX15 5NU
OX15 5NU2018-08-03
Popular Chinese TakeawayPopular Chinese Takeaway
Hempton Road
OX15 0QH
OX15 0QH2017-11-24
Red LionRed Lion
High Street
OX15 4LX
OX15 4LX2016-09-06
Regal RoastsRegal Roasts
Church Farm Stables
Chapel Lane
OX15 4HH
OX15 4HH2017-09-12
Roebuck InnRoebuck Inn
Stratford Road
OX15 6EN
OX15 6EN2018-03-08
Saltway Day NurserySaltway Day Nursery
Saltway House
White Post Road
OX15 4BN
OX15 4BN2019-02-18
Saye And Sele ArmsSaye And Sele Arms
Main Road
OX15 5ED
OX15 5ED2017-08-21
School Drop In Sessions @ Bloxham SchoolSchool Drop In Sessions @ Bloxham School
Bloxham Church Of England Primary S
Tadmarton Road
OX15 4HP
OX15 4HP
Sibford SchoolSibford School
Sibford Ferris School
Back Lane
OX15 5QL
OX15 5QL2018-06-13
Spice RoomSpice Room
Church Street
OX15 4DW
OX15 4DW2018-08-08
St Anne's Residential Care HomeSt Anne's Residential Care Home
St Annes Residential Home
St Annes Cottage
OX15 0PA
OX15 0PA2018-07-31
St Marys Thursday ClubSt Marys Thursday Club
St Marys Thursday Club
Parish Rooms
OX15 4ET
OX15 4ET2018-09-06
Swalcliffe Park School TrustSwalcliffe Park School Trust
Swalcliffe Park School
Main Road
OX15 5EP
OX15 5EP2018-02-27
Tadmarton Heath Golf ClubTadmarton Heath Golf Club
Shop At
Tadmarton Heath Golf Club
OX15 5HL
OX15 5HL2018-02-08
Tadmarton Village HallTadmarton Village Hall
Main Street
Upper Tadmarton
OX15 5JX
OX15 5JX2018-08-21
Tea Cabin At Wigginton Waterfowl SanctuaryTea Cabin At Wigginton Waterfowl Sanctuary
Waterfowl Sanctuary
Street From Station Road To Wiggint
OX15 4LQ
OX15 4LQ2016-08-09
The Ark NurseryThe Ark Nursery
The Ark Childrens Nursery
The Orchard
OX15 6LQ
OX15 6LQ2018-09-10
The Bell At SheningtonThe Bell At Shenington
The Bell
The Green
OX15 6NQ
OX15 6NQ2018-03-22
The Blinking Owl InnThe Blinking Owl Inn
Blinking Owl Inn
Main Street
OX15 6AE
OX15 6AE2016-09-30
The Butchers ArmsThe Butchers Arms
Shutford Road
OX15 6JQ
OX15 6JQ2017-09-15
The Cafe At Bloxham Mill/Reg's CafeThe Cafe At Bloxham Mill/Reg's Cafe
The Cafe At Bloxham Mill
Bloxham Mill
OX15 4FF
OX15 4FF2017-02-13
The Chandler ArmsThe Chandler Arms
Chandlers Arms
Sibford Road
OX15 6LH
OX15 6LH
The Deddington ArmsThe Deddington Arms
Horse Fair
OX15 0SH
OX15 0SH2018-12-13
The Duck On The PondThe Duck On The Pond
Street Through South Newington
South Newington
OX15 4JE
OX15 4JE2018-10-17
The Duke At CliftonThe Duke At Clifton
Duke Of Cumberlands Head
Main Street
OX15 0PE
OX15 0PE2017-09-22
The Dun CowThe Dun Cow
West End
OX15 6DA
OX15 6DA2014-06-26
The Gate Hangs HighThe Gate Hangs High
Whichford Road
Hook Norton
OX15 5DF
OX15 5DF2017-11-16
The George And DragonThe George And Dragon
George And Dragon
Church Lane
OX15 6PG
OX15 6PG2018-05-08
The Indian QueenThe Indian Queen
Stratford Road A422
OX15 6HX
OX15 6HX2018-11-05
The Joiners ArmsThe Joiners Arms
Joiners Arms
Old Bridge Road
OX15 4LY
OX15 4LY2018-03-01
The Lampet ArmsThe Lampet Arms
Main Street
Upper Tadmarton
OX15 5TB
OX15 5TB2018-07-25
The Manor HouseThe Manor House
South Newington Road
Barford St Michael
OX15 0RJ
OX15 0RJ2017-12-15
The Meat Joint At Iron Down FarmThe Meat Joint At Iron Down Farm
The Meat Joint
Iron Down Farm
OX15 0PJ
OX15 0PJ2017-02-20
The Pavillion (The Willows)The Pavillion (The Willows)
The Willows
Banbury Cricket Club
OX15 4AA
OX15 4AA2015-01-26
The Pheasant Pluckers InnThe Pheasant Pluckers Inn
Street Through Burdrop
OX15 5RQ
OX15 5RQ2016-07-29
The Red LionThe Red Lion
Hornton Lane
OX15 6BQ
OX15 6BQ2014-12-12
The Red LionThe Red Lion
Market Place
OX15 0SE
OX15 0SE2017-11-09
The School Lunch Co @ Hook Norton C Of E Primary SchoolThe School Lunch Co @ Hook Norton C Of E Primary School
Hook Norton School
Sibford Road
OX15 5JS
OX15 5JS2018-10-05
The School Lunch Company @ Bishop Loveday SchoolThe School Lunch Company @ Bishop Loveday School
Bishop Loveday Church Of England Pr
White Post Road
OX15 4BN
OX15 4BN2018-03-12
The School Lunch Company @ Shenington C Of E Primary SchooThe School Lunch Company @ Shenington C Of E Primary Schoo
Shenington Church Of England Primar
Stocking Lane
OX15 6NF
OX15 6NF
The School Lunch Company @ Wroxton CofE Primary SchoolThe School Lunch Company @ Wroxton CofE Primary School
Wroxton Church Of England Primary S
Lampitts Green
OX15 6QJ
OX15 6QJ
The StablesThe Stables
Cherwell District Council
Bodicote House
OX15 4AA
OX15 4AA2018-08-20
The Stags HeadThe Stags Head
Stags Head
The Green
OX15 5EJ
OX15 5EJ2017-12-13
The Sun Inn At Hook NortonThe Sun Inn At Hook Norton
The Sun Inn
High Street
OX15 5NH
OX15 5NH2018-02-20
The Supper CircleThe Supper Circle
Banbury Rugby Union Football Club
Oxford Road
OX15 4AF
OX15 4AF2018-04-11
The Unicorn HotelThe Unicorn Hotel
Market Place
OX15 0SE
OX15 0SE2017-08-29
The Unicorn InnThe Unicorn Inn
The Unicorn Hotel
Market Place
OX15 0SE
OX15 0SE
The Village NurseryThe Village Nursery
Street From Shenington Road To Suga
OX15 6NY
OX15 6NY2018-03-06
The Village ShopThe Village Shop
High Street
Hook Norton
OX15 5NQ
OX15 5NQ2016-01-11
The White HorseThe White Horse
White Horse Inn
Stratford Road A422
OX15 6PZ
OX15 6PZ2013-12-05
The White SwanThe White Swan
Street From Wigginton To Hook Norto
OX15 4LE
OX15 4LE2018-06-22
The Wykham ArmsThe Wykham Arms
Wykham Arms
Temple Mill Road
OX15 5RX
OX15 5RX2018-02-21
Tin Can Catering CompanyTin Can Catering Company
The Tin Can Catering Company
Mobile Catering Unit
OX15 6EP
OX15 6EP2018-10-19
Touch Of Angels TOA Ltd @ Ryle Hill Golf ClubTouch Of Angels TOA Ltd @ Ryle Hill Golf Club
Rye Hill Golf Course
Street From Milcombe To Wiggington
OX15 4RU
OX15 4RU2018-10-31
Virginia House Bed & BreakfastVirginia House Bed & Breakfast
Virginia House
1 High Street
OX15 4LX
OX15 4LX2016-06-24
Warriner School FarmWarriner School Farm
Farm Shop
The Warriner School
OX15 4LJ
OX15 4LJ2013-02-19
Wroxton House HotelWroxton House Hotel
Stratford Road A422
OX15 6QB
OX15 6QB2018-09-18
Baldwin NewsBaldwin News
2 Feldon Centre
High Street
OX15 5AP
OX15 5AP2016-10-24
Brailes C Of E Primary SchoolBrailes C Of E Primary School
Lower Brailes
OX15 5AP
OX15 5AP2017-06-30
Brailes Sports PavilionBrailes Sports Pavilion
Castle Hill Lane
Upper Brailes
OX15 5AS
OX15 5AS2016-07-15
Brailes Village ShopBrailes Village Shop
High Street
Lower Brailes
OX15 5HN
OX15 5HN2017-09-28
Feldon ValleyFeldon Valley
Brailes Golf Club Ltd
Sutton Lane
OX15 5BB
OX15 5BB2018-02-07
La TraditionLa Tradition
3 Feldon Centre
High Street
OX15 5AP
OX15 5AP2018-11-30
Paddock Farm ButcheryPaddock Farm Butchery
1 Feldon Centre
High Street
OX15 5HN
OX15 5HN2018-09-28
Percival \& Co.Percival \& Co.
Green Farm
OX15 5BQ
OX15 5BQ2016-08-16
Ratley Village HallRatley Village Hall
Chapel Lane
OX15 6DS
OX15 6DS2018-10-25
Rose And Crown InnRose And Crown Inn
Rose And Crown
Featherbow Lane
OX15 6DS
OX15 6DS2018-01-17
The Castle InnThe Castle Inn
Castle Inn
Edge Hill Lane
OX15 6DJ
OX15 6DJ2018-08-29
The Gate InnThe Gate Inn
Gate Inn
Upper Brailes
OX15 5AX
OX15 5AX2018-02-14
The George At BrailesThe George At Brailes
George Hotel
High Street
OX15 5HN
OX15 5HN2018-08-14
The PavillionThe Pavillion
Upton House
Banbury Road
OX15 6HT
OX15 6HT2017-06-19
Uplands House Bed And BreakfastUplands House Bed And Breakfast
Uplands House
Banbury Road
OX15 6HJ
OX15 6HJ2018-04-10
NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
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