Food Hygiene Ratings
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NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
10 Glascott Close10 Glascott Close
10 Glascott Close
EX20 3JW
EX20 3JW2016-12-21
2 Rivers Restaurant2 Rivers Restaurant
16 Fore Street
EX20 1AN
EX20 1AN2018-02-11
22 Mill Street Restaurant22 Mill Street Restaurant
22 Mill Street
TQ13 8AW
TQ13 8AW2017-03-31
99 East Street99 East Street2016-12-21
A B Game LarderA B Game Larder2018-09-13
A Cupful of CakesA Cupful of Cakes
9 Barons Road
PL20 6NG
PL20 6NG2018-03-15
A L Martin & Son LtdA L Martin & Son Ltd
7 The Square
TQ13 8AA
TQ13 8AA2017-06-15
A L Martin & Son LtdA L Martin & Son Ltd
A L Martin & Son
School Way
EX20 1EU
EX20 1EU2018-03-15
Abbeyfield (Buck Mon) Society Ltd/HMAbbeyfield (Buck Mon) Society Ltd/HM
Pilchers Field
The Crescent
PL20 7PS
PL20 7PS2017-11-23
Abbeyfield (Tavistock) SocietyAbbeyfield (Tavistock) Society
Abbeyfield Residential Home
60 Plymouth Road
PL19 8BU
PL19 8BU2017-12-17
Abbotsfield Hall Nursing HomeAbbotsfield Hall Nursing Home
Abbotsfield Hall Nursing Home
Orchard Close
PL19 8EZ
PL19 8EZ2018-01-14
Acorn FarmsAcorn Farms2016-06-30
Andy LawrenceAndy Lawrence2016-12-14
Apple Tree B&BApple Tree B&B
44 Plymouth Road
PL19 8BU
PL19 8BU2018-03-15
Ashbury Golf HotelAshbury Golf Hotel
Ashbury Hotel & Golf Club, Higher Maddaf
Road From Glenover To Southcot
EX20 4NL
EX20 4NL2018-03-21
Ashridge Great BarnAshridge Great Barn
Ashridge Court
Ashridge Lane
EX20 2DH
EX20 2DH2018-07-24
Bake BelieveBake Believe
First Floor Flat
69 West Street
PL19 8AJ
PL19 8AJ2018-03-15
Bambinos at Sunningdale Day NurseryBambinos at Sunningdale Day Nursery
54 Plymouth Road
PL19 8BU
PL19 8BU2018-03-23
Barnabas House B&BBarnabas House B&B
Barnabas House
Harrowbeer Lane
PL20 6DY
PL20 6DY2017-02-22
Bed & Breakfast @ BrionyBed & Breakfast @ Briony
Road From Voulsdon Cross To Bratton Clovelly
EX20 4JX
EX20 4JX2017-11-15
Beech CafeBeech Cafe
Tavistock Woodlands
Road To Tavistock Woodlands Estate
PL19 8JE
PL19 8JE2018-11-20
Beechwood on DartmoorBeechwood on Dartmoor2019-01-15
Bens Ice Cream of TavistockBens Ice Cream of Tavistock2018-02-06
Bere Alston Bowling ClubBere Alston Bowling Club
Bere Alston Bowling Club
PL20 7DZ
PL20 7DZ2018-02-07
Bere Alston Primary School (Field)Bere Alston Primary School (Field)
Bere Alston Primary School
Station Road
PL20 7AU
PL20 7AU2018-03-29
Bere BreweryBere Brewery2016-12-06
Betty Cottles InnBetty Cottles Inn
Betty Cottles Inn
Tavistock Road
EX20 4LR
EX20 4LR2018-08-16
Bickels Yard CafeBickels Yard Cafe
Meadowlands Leisure Pool
The Wharf
PL19 8SP
PL19 8SP2018-12-01
Bickels Yard CafeBickels Yard Cafe
Parklands Leisure Centre
Simmons Park
EX20 1EP
EX20 1EP2018-03-13
Bird's NestBird's Nest
4 Barley Market Street
PL19 0JF
PL19 0JF2018-03-25
Black Sheep BrewBlack Sheep Brew
1 Pepper Street
PL19 0BD
PL19 0BD2018-11-27
Blackdown Nursing HomeBlackdown Nursing Home
Blackdown Nursing Home
Road From Cholwell Farm To Walford House
PL19 9QB
PL19 9QB2017-10-18
Black's DelicatessenBlack's Delicatessen
28 The Square
TQ13 8AB
TQ13 8AB2018-10-08
Blacksmith's ArmsBlacksmith's Arms
Blacksmiths Arms
PL19 8QR
PL19 8QR2018-03-07
Blue LionBlue Lion
The Blue Lion
EX20 4DL
EX20 4DL2018-03-26
Blue Skies CateringBlue Skies Catering2018-10-16
Boasley Cross C Primary SchoolBoasley Cross C Primary School
Boasley Cross Primary School
Road From Boasley Cross To Venndown Gates
EX20 4JH
EX20 4JH2018-03-20
Bob's CafeBob's Cafe
Bob's Cafe, Pannier Market
The Market
PL19 0AL
PL19 0AL2018-02-24
Boo to a GooseBoo to a Goose2018-02-02
Boots The ChemistBoots The Chemist
27-28 Fore Street
EX20 1HB
EX20 1HB2016-06-02
Boots The ChemistBoots The Chemist
5 Duke Street
PL19 0BA
PL19 0BA2016-07-08
Bostocks Garden CentreBostocks Garden Centre
52 Access To North Road Industria
EX20 1BQ
EX20 1BQ2018-03-15
Bowling Green PavillionBowling Green Pavillion
Bowling Green Pavillion
Bowling Green Lane
EX20 3HB
EX20 3HB2017-12-01
Bracken Tor Youth HostelBracken Tor Youth Hostel
Bracken Tor
EX20 1QW
EX20 1QW2016-06-28
Brickyard Farm ShopBrickyard Farm Shop
Brickyard Farm
Holsworthy Road
EX20 3LE
EX20 3LE2018-10-20
Bridestowe Methodist ChurchBridestowe Methodist Church
Bridestowe Methodist Church
Station Road
EX20 4EJ
EX20 4EJ2017-11-13
Bridestowe Primary SchoolBridestowe Primary School
Bridestowe Primary School
Fore Street
EX20 4EL
EX20 4EL2018-03-22
Brimpts FarmBrimpts Farm
Brimpts Farm
PL20 6SG
PL20 6SG2018-03-29
Broadwoodkelly Village HallBroadwoodkelly Village Hall
Village Hall
EX19 8ED
EX19 8ED
Bull & DragonBull & Dragon
The Bull & Dragon
EX20 3EP
EX20 3EP2018-03-15
Burger KingBurger King
Little Chef 6618
EX20 4LY
EX20 4LY2018-01-24
By Lisabellah BakesBy Lisabellah Bakes2018-02-02
Cafe LiaisonCafe Liaison
3 Church Lane
PL19 8AA
PL19 8AA2018-02-24
Cafe ScrumptiousCafe Scrumptious
Royal Standard
PL19 9QB
PL19 9QB2017-08-29
Cakes Bakes 'N' ShakesCakes Bakes 'N' Shakes
Legion House
2 King Street
PL19 0DS
PL19 0DS2018-11-03
Cakes by HannahCakes by Hannah2018-01-22
Camplehaye Residential HomeCamplehaye Residential Home
Camplehaye Residential Home
Road From Tuell Down Cross To Blacksmiths Arms
PL19 8QD
PL19 8QD2017-10-06
Cantonese KitchenCantonese Kitchen
13 Market Street
PL19 0DB
PL19 0DB2018-03-25
Cappadocia takeawayCappadocia takeaway
Cowley House
The Square
EX20 2EW
EX20 2EW2019-01-16
Castle DrogoCastle Drogo
Castle Drogo
Road From Coombe To Trennaway Cross
EX6 6PB2017-06-15
Castle Drogo LarderCastle Drogo Larder
Whiddon Park Farmhouse
Road From Dogmarsh Bridge To Easton Cross
TQ13 8DG
TQ13 8DG2016-06-21
Castle Hams CafeCastle Hams Cafe
Castle Cafe, Castle Ham Lodge
Castle Road
EX20 1FA
EX20 1FA2018-08-16
Cattle Market CafeCattle Market Cafe
Cattle Market Cafe
Whitchurch Road
PL19 9BB
PL19 9BB2019-01-15
Central Convenience Stores LtdCentral Convenience Stores Ltd
Post Office And Spar
4 Abbey Place
PL19 0AA
PL19 0AA2018-08-16
Chagford Pre-SchoolChagford Pre-School
Chagford Church Of England Primary Schoo
Road From Lower Street To Cros
TQ13 8BZ
TQ13 8BZ2017-11-02
Chagford Primary School KitchenChagford Primary School Kitchen
Chagford Church Of England Primary Schoo
Road From Lower Street To Cros
TQ13 8BZ
TQ13 8BZ2018-09-14
Chaos Treats LtdChaos Treats Ltd
3 Church Court
St James Street
EX20 1DJ
EX20 1DJ2018-08-29
Chelfham Senior SchoolChelfham Senior School
Kilworthy House
Kilworthy Road
PL19 0JN
PL19 0JN2019-02-28
Cherry Tree Cornwall & North DevonCherry Tree Cornwall & North Devon2017-01-10
Chocolate StrawberryChocolate Strawberry
15 The Arcade
EX20 1EX
EX20 1EX
Chollacott Nursing HomeChollacott Nursing Home
Chollacott Nursing Home
61 Whitchurch Road
PL19 9BD
PL19 9BD2018-01-14
Chrissy's KitchenChrissy's Kitchen2018-02-06
Chung Ying Chinese Take-AwayChung Ying Chinese Take-Away
24 West Street
PL19 8AN
PL19 8AN2018-03-11
Church LaneChurch Lane
1 Church Lane
PL19 8AA
PL19 8AA
Cider VatCider Vat
Solland Farm
EX20 3QT
EX20 3QT2018-03-15
Clevelands NurseryClevelands Nursery2017-03-19
Clovelly InnClovelly Inn
Clovelly Inn
EX20 4JZ
EX20 4JZ2018-03-22
Club HouseClub House
Club House, Jubilee Playing Field
TQ13 8BW
TQ13 8BW2017-11-23
Co operativeCo operative
2 Market Street
EX20 1HN
EX20 1HN2018-02-11
Co operativeCo operative
24 Bridge Street
EX20 3HY
EX20 3HY2018-03-15
Co operativeCo operative
20 Brook Street
PL19 0BJ
PL19 0BJ2018-01-14
Co Operative GroupCo Operative Group
3-4 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2017-08-31
Coffee & Cream (SW) LtdCoffee & Cream (SW) Ltd
1b Brook Street
PL19 0HD
PL19 0HD2015-11-15
10-12 Market Street
PL19 0DB
PL19 0DB2017-12-17
Co-operative Group Food LtdCo-operative Group Food Ltd
8-10 Fore Street
PL20 7AD
PL20 7AD2016-08-23
Copper Penny ChipshopCopper Penny Chipshop
The Copper Penny Inn
PL19 8NT
PL19 8NT2018-11-14
Cornerways Residential Care HomeCornerways Residential Care Home
Cornerways Residential Home
Down Road
PL19 9AD
PL19 9AD2016-05-24
Cornish DelicaciesCornish Delicacies
Whiterow Farm
Road From Thrushelton Church To Huddispitt Cross
EX20 4QL
EX20 4QL2017-12-13
Costa CoffeeCosta Coffee
44 Brook Street
PL19 0HE
PL19 0HE2017-09-29
Costcutter - OkehamptonCostcutter - Okehampton
Stannary Court
57 Exeter Road
Cottage CakesCottage Cakes
Country Cheeses - Natural LifeCountry Cheeses - Natural Life
Market Road
PL19 0BW
PL19 0BW2017-07-19
Court House BarCourt House Bar
The Arundell Arms Hotel
Fore Street
PL16 0AA
PL16 0AA2018-05-08
Crebers DeliCrebers Deli
48a Brook Street
PL19 0BH
PL19 0BH2018-11-12
Crelake Care LtdCrelake Care Ltd
Crelake House Residential Care Home
4 Whitchurch Road
PL19 9BB
PL19 9BB2017-03-27
Risdon Mill
EX20 3AJ
EX20 3AJ2018-02-08
Crossways InnCrossways Inn
Crossways Inn
Road From Lamerton Cross To Folly Gate Cross
EX20 3AH
EX20 3AH2017-10-18
4 The Arcade
EX20 1EX
EX20 1EX2018-06-28
Curry ExpressCurry Express
2 Buckland Terrace
PL20 6AD
PL20 6AD2018-03-25
Dartmoor Active LeisureDartmoor Active Leisure
Bracken Tor
Tors Road
EX20 1QW
EX20 1QW2016-06-28
Dartmoor BakeryDartmoor Bakery
The Corner Shop
Leg O Mutton Corner
PL20 6DJ
PL20 6DJ2016-06-27
Dartmoor BeesDartmoor Bees
24 Watts Road
PL19 8LG
PL19 8LG2018-01-19
Dartmoor Chocolate CompanyDartmoor Chocolate Company2018-11-20
Dartmoor HouseDartmoor House
Dartmoor House
Road From Town Living Farm To Eagle House
EX20 1RA
EX20 1RA2018-02-01
Dartmoor InnDartmoor Inn
Dartmoor Inn
EX20 4AY
EX20 4AY2018-03-27
Dartmoor RailwayDartmoor Railway
Visitors Centre, Okehampton Railway Stat
Station Road
EX20 1EJ
EX20 1EJ2017-07-13
Dave Wills CateringDave Wills Catering
Okehampton Golf Club
Tors Road
EX20 1EF
EX20 1EF2018-03-15
Deborah HelpsDeborah Helps2018-10-02
Dee.....licious !!Dee.....licious !!
25 Phoenix Close
PL20 7SY
PL20 7SY2018-02-01
Devon Chocolates by DesmondDevon Chocolates by Desmond2018-11-21
Devon Cycle Hire LtdDevon Cycle Hire Ltd
Devon Cycle Hire
Road To Bottleneck Inn
EX20 4HR
EX20 4HR2016-06-24
Devon HampersDevon Hampers
The Arundell Arms Hotel
Fore Street
PL16 0AA
PL16 0AA2017-10-12
Devonshire InnDevonshire Inn
Devonshire Inn
EX20 2NW
EX20 2NW2018-03-22
Dillan's Kebab HouseDillan's Kebab House
9 West Street
EX20 1HQ
EX20 1HQ2018-02-15
Donnellas Coffee HouseDonnellas Coffee House
5 Paddons Row
PL19 0HF
PL19 0HF2018-12-01
Dot - TeasDot - Teas2016-05-10
Dotty's Sweet TreatsDotty's Sweet Treats2016-06-06
Dousland Post Office & StoresDousland Post Office & Stores
11b Barons Road
PL20 6NG
PL20 6NG2017-01-24
Drake Manor InnDrake Manor Inn
Drake Manor Inn
The Village
PL20 7NA
PL20 7NA2017-03-27
Drakes CafeDrakes Cafe
The Halfway House
Road From Anderton Lane To Grenofen Cross
PL19 9ER
PL19 9ER2018-03-07
Drewsteignton Post OfficeDrewsteignton Post Office
Drewsteignton Post Office
EX6 6QN2016-06-02
Duchy House Guest HouseDuchy House Guest House
Duchy House
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QF
PL20 6QF2018-01-10
Duke of YorkDuke of York
Duke Of York
Road Past Duke Of York Inn
EX19 8BG
EX19 8BG2018-03-20
Duke of York HotelDuke of York Hotel
Duke Of York Hotel
15 Ford Street
PL19 8DZ
PL19 8DZ2017-07-19
Dukes 2 GoDukes 2 Go
6 The Market
PL19 0AL
PL19 0AL2018-02-12
Dukes Coffee HouseDukes Coffee House
8-11 The Market
PL19 0AL
PL19 0AL2018-02-12
East Dart HotelEast Dart Hotel
East Dart Hotel
PL20 6TJ
PL20 6TJ2018-03-20
East RaddonEast Raddon
East Raddon
Road Past Middle Raddon
EX20 4PW
EX20 4PW2018-01-08
Easterbrook Farm LtdEasterbrook Farm Ltd
Easterbrook Farm
Road From Beare Farm To Farthi
EX20 3QY
EX20 3QY2018-03-26
Eastgate Cafe & BrasserieEastgate Cafe & Brasserie
3 Market Road
PL19 0BW
PL19 0BW2018-05-31
Eat like a GreekEat like a Greek2018-03-22
Unit 1
Beardown Road
EX20 1UA
EX20 1UA2018-03-13
Edgemoor Nursery SchoolEdgemoor Nursery School
Edgemoor Nursery, Trimal House
PL20 7PE
PL20 7PE2017-03-14
EG DinerEG Diner
Little Chef 6618
EX20 4LY
EX20 4LY2018-03-16
Elephants Nest InnElephants Nest Inn
The Elephants Nest Inn
PL19 9NQ
PL19 9NQ2018-03-12
Ellis's BakeryEllis's Bakery
19 West Street
PL19 8AN
PL19 8AN2018-10-15
Elmfield B & BElmfield B & B
Station Road
EX20 3NP
EX20 3NP2018-07-05
Endacotts BakeryEndacotts Bakery
16 Red Lion Yard
EX20 1AW
EX20 1AW2018-08-29
Endacotts BakeryEndacotts Bakery
21 East Street
EX20 1AT
EX20 1AT2018-03-13
English HeritageEnglish Heritage
Okehampton Castle
Castle Lane
EX20 1JA
EX20 1JA2018-01-08
Eversfield Organic Retail LtdEversfield Organic Retail Ltd
2 West Street
PL19 8AD
PL19 8AD2018-11-03
Eversfield Organics LtdEversfield Organics Ltd
Eversfield Manor
Road From Wrixhill Bridge To B
EX20 4JF
EX20 4JF2016-07-05
Exbourne Church of England Primary SchoolExbourne Church of England Primary School
Exbourne Church Of England Primary Schoo
Road From Farthingland Cross To Red Lion
EX20 3SQ
EX20 3SQ2018-03-09
Exbourne Pre-schoolExbourne Pre-school
Exbourne Methodist Chapel
Fore Street
EX20 3RU
EX20 3RU2018-03-21
Exe Valley Pizza Co (Okehampton)Exe Valley Pizza Co (Okehampton)2019-02-14
Farmer LuxtonsFarmer Luxtons
North Alfordon Farm
EX20 1RX
EX20 1RX2018-03-13
Farmhouse FareFarmhouse Fare2019-01-11
Farms For City ChildrenFarms For City Children
Nethercott House
Road From Week Moor Cross To R
EX19 8SN
EX19 8SN2018-02-06
Fingle Bridge InnFingle Bridge Inn
Fingle Bridge Inn
EX6 6PW2018-10-08
First Floor
14 Duke Street
PL19 0BA
PL19 0BA
Unit 10
PL19 9AZ
PL19 9AZ2016-04-20
Florence PepperFlorence Pepper2016-09-15
15 The Village
PL20 7NA
PL20 7NA2019-02-14
Forest InnForest Inn
The Forest Inn
PL20 6SD
PL20 6SD2019-02-06
Fox & GrapesFox & Grapes
Fox And Grapes
PL16 0AJ
PL16 0AJ2017-12-12
Fox & Hounds HotelFox & Hounds Hotel
Fox And Hounds Hotel
EX20 4HF
EX20 4HF2018-03-15
Fox Tor CafeFox Tor Cafe
Fox Tor Cafe
Two Bridges Road
PL20 6QS
PL20 6QS2018-03-20
Fresh is BestFresh is Best2016-05-11
Friars HeleFriars Hele
Friars Hele
EX20 3QB
EX20 3QB2018-03-07
Friend's Quality Beef & LambFriend's Quality Beef & Lamb
Wadland Barton
EX20 3PF
EX20 3PF
Gaucho BBQGaucho BBQ2018-08-31
Gidleigh Park HotelGidleigh Park Hotel
Gidleigh Park Hotel
TQ13 8HH
TQ13 8HH2018-08-16
Grange Equestrian Centre & CafeGrange Equestrian Centre & Cafe
Grange Farm
Road Heading Southeast From Ea
EX20 3DA
EX20 3DA2018-03-15
Graylings Fish & ChipsGraylings Fish & Chips
Flat B
8 High Street
EX20 2HF
EX20 2HF2017-09-20
Green Man Cafe & CakesGreen Man Cafe & Cakes
4-6 High Street
TQ13 8AJ
TQ13 8AJ2018-03-26
Gregory Distribution Ltd (milk only)Gregory Distribution Ltd (milk only)
North Park
Fore Street
EX20 2EB
EX20 2EB2017-01-24
Ground Up CookeryGround Up Cookery2018-07-05
Gulworthy County Primary School PTAGulworthy County Primary School PTA
Gulworthy Primary School
Road From Gulworthy Cross To Rock Cross
PL19 8JA
PL19 8JA2018-03-27
Hartcare at RavenscroftHartcare at Ravenscroft
Hart Care Nursing And Residential Home
Crapstone Road
PL20 6BT
PL20 6BT2018-01-14
Harvest Farm ShopHarvest Farm Shop
4-6 Red Lion Yard
EX20 1AW
EX20 1AW2018-10-20
Hatherleigh Care VillageHatherleigh Care Village
Hatherleigh Nursing Home
Hatherleigh Care Village Hawthorn Park
EX20 3GZ
EX20 3GZ2018-11-17
Hatherleigh Childrens CentreHatherleigh Childrens Centre
Hatherleigh Community Centre
Bowling Green Lane
EX20 3HB
EX20 3HB2018-12-11
Hatherleigh Community Primary SchoolHatherleigh Community Primary School
Hatherleigh Primary School
South Street
EX20 3JB
EX20 3JB2018-03-27
Hatherleigh Fish BarHatherleigh Fish Bar
The Cafe
9 Bridge Street
EX20 3HU
EX20 3HU2019-01-09
Hatherleigh MarketHatherleigh Market
Hatherleigh Market
EX20 3HT
EX20 3HT2018-03-27
Heatherside HouseHeatherside House
Heatherside House Care Home
Princetown Road
PL20 6NN
PL20 6NN2018-03-08
Herbs & Spices LtdHerbs & Spices Ltd
Unit 10, Fatherford Farm
Road Past Fatherford Farm
EX20 1QQ
EX20 1QQ2018-03-26
Hey MamboHey Mambo
The Coach House, Beechlands
Road From Factory Cross To Waye Cross
TQ13 8HF
TQ13 8HF2018-01-30
Hi - T's FudgeHi - T's Fudge
8 Drake Villas
PL19 8DA
PL19 8DA2018-03-15
Highampton Community Primary SchoolHighampton Community Primary School
Highampton Primary School
Road From Church Road To Holsworthy Bridge
EX21 5LE
EX21 5LE2016-06-29
Highampton Pre-SchoolHighampton Pre-School
Village Hall
Road From Church Road To Holsw
EX21 5LE
EX21 5LE2017-10-25
Higher Coombehead HouseHigher Coombehead House
Higher Coombehead House
Road From Tongue End Cross To Bude Farm
EX20 1QL
EX20 1QL2016-06-03
Highwayman InnHighwayman Inn
The Highwayman Inn
EX20 4HN
EX20 4HN2018-03-13
Hog and HedgeHog and Hedge
Little Chef 6920, Merrymeet Service Area
Access To Travelodge
EX20 2QT
EX20 2QT2019-01-15
Hogs Bottom Garden DelightsHogs Bottom Garden Delights
Unit D-E
PL16 0AH
PL16 0AH2018-11-06
Holy Trinity ChurchHoly Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Church Of England
Fore Street
PL20 7AD
PL20 7AD2016-05-18
Homer MaidHomer Maid
Road Past The Old Rectory
PL19 9PP
PL19 9PP2017-11-16
Honeys BakeryHoneys Bakery
16 Station Road
PL20 7SS
PL20 7SS2018-03-14
Hope Cottage CafeHope Cottage Cafe
Lindon Cottage
41 Fore Street
PL20 7AB
PL20 7AB2017-10-26
Horrabridge Primary SchoolHorrabridge Primary School
Horrabridge Primary School
Walkhampton Road
PL20 7SZ
PL20 7SZ2018-03-23
Horrabridge StoresHorrabridge Stores
Horrabridge Stores
Commercial Road
PL20 7QB
PL20 7QB2018-01-14
Hotel EndsleighHotel Endsleigh
Hotel Endsleigh
Road From Milton Green To Leig
PL19 0PQ
PL19 0PQ2018-03-13
Howell's Country SpecialsHowell's Country Specials
28 The Market
PL19 0AL
PL19 0AL2018-02-12
12a Plymouth Road
PL19 8AY
PL19 8AY2018-03-23
Hungry HogsHungry Hogs2018-02-02
Hungry HunterHungry Hunter
I Love Candy/I Love Ice CreamI Love Candy/I Love Ice Cream
8 Market Street
PL19 0DA
PL19 0DA2017-01-24
Imaget tattoo and coffee loungeImaget tattoo and coffee lounge
6 The Arcade
EX20 1EX
EX20 1EX
J & S DowningJ & S Downing
7 Pepper Street
PL19 0BD
PL19 0BD2018-09-20
J & S DowningJ & S Downing
18 Fore Street
PL20 7AD
PL20 7AD2018-03-14
J' Street DinerJ' Street Diner
14 St James Street
EX20 1DH
EX20 1DH2018-10-20
Jack ChamsJack Chams
17 West Street
PL19 8AN
PL19 8AN2017-10-26
Jaded PalatesJaded Palates
42 The Square
TQ13 8AH
TQ13 8AH2017-11-26
Janes CakesJanes Cakes
Unit 3, Pannier Market
The Market
PL19 0AE
PL19 0AE2018-06-20
Jasmine Chinese RestaurantJasmine Chinese Restaurant
3 Buckland Terrace
PL20 6AD
PL20 6AD2018-03-25
Jeans CakesJeans Cakes2016-06-24
Jeans KitchenJeans Kitchen2016-06-03
Jonesy's CateringJonesy's Catering
Just BananasJust Bananas
7 West Street
PL19 8AD
PL19 8AD2017-04-12
Kan KaterKan Kater
North Wyke House, North Wyke
Road From Greenslade Bridge To
EX20 2SB
EX20 2SB2018-03-21
42 Brook Street
PL19 0HE
PL19 0HE2017-09-29
Keasts CheesesKeasts Cheeses2017-08-17
Kelly House EnterprisesKelly House Enterprises
Kelly House
Road From Jay House To Timberp
PL16 0HH
PL16 0HH2018-01-10
Kelly Lunch ClubKelly Lunch Club
Village Hall
PL16 0HJ
PL16 0HJ2018-04-18
Kempleys CatchKempleys Catch
1 Kempley Road
EX20 1DS
EX20 1DS2018-03-13
Kent House Residential HomeKent House Residential Home
Kent House Care Home
George Street
EX20 1HR
EX20 1HR2018-05-18
Kilworthy FarmKilworthy Farm2018-07-27
Kings ArmsKings Arms
Kings Arms Hotel
St James Street
EX20 1DW
EX20 1DW2018-03-15
Kings Kebab & Pizza HouseKings Kebab & Pizza House
6 King Street
PL19 0DS
PL19 0DS2018-03-23
Kingston PreservesKingston Preserves2018-10-16
Kirsty's KitchenKirsty's Kitchen2018-03-15
Kirtonia CakesKirtonia Cakes2019-01-15
Knightstone TearoomsKnightstone Tearooms2018-10-29
Unit D-E
PL16 0AH
PL16 0AH2018-03-09
Lakeside Residential HomeLakeside Residential Home
Lower Maddaford
Road From Glenover To Southcott Cross
EX20 4NL
EX20 4NL2017-12-20
Lamerton C of E Primary School PTALamerton C of E Primary School PTA
Lamerton Church Of England Primary Schoo
Road From Sportsmans Cross To Lamerton School
PL19 8RJ
PL19 8RJ2017-01-11
Lewtrenchard Church of England Primary SchoolLewtrenchard Church of England Primary School
Lewtrenchard Church Of England Primary S
Road From Huddispitt Cross To
EX20 4DP
EX20 4DP2017-10-12
Lewtrenchard ManorLewtrenchard Manor
Lewtrenchard Manor
EX20 4PN
EX20 4PN2017-05-24
142-152 Plymouth Road
PL19 9DS
PL19 9DS2018-03-15
Lidl Uk GmbHLidl Uk GmbH
School Way
EX20 1EU
EX20 1EU2017-01-24
Lifton Hall HotelLifton Hall Hotel
Lifton Hall Hotel
New Road
PL16 0DR
PL16 0DR2017-05-24
Lifton Primary SchoolLifton Primary School
Lifton Primary School
North Road
PL16 0EH
PL16 0EH2019-01-24
Lifton Supply Stores & Post OfficeLifton Supply Stores & Post Office
Post Office
Fore Street
PL16 0AA
PL16 0AA2017-12-12
Little GablesLittle Gables
Little Gables
Road From Belstone Cross To Skaigh Lodge
EX20 1RD
EX20 1RD2018-03-15
Lloyds PharmacyLloyds Pharmacy
31-32 Fore Street
EX20 1HB
EX20 1HB2017-01-24
Londis Convenience StoresLondis Convenience Stores
Bridge Garage
Bridge Street
EX20 3JA
EX20 3JA2018-03-15
London InnLondon Inn
The London Inn
23 Station Road
PL20 7ST
PL20 7ST2018-03-27
Lotties CakesLotties Cakes
The Mumbles
57 Broad Park Road
PL20 7DT
PL20 7DT2017-10-25
Lovaton Farm PartnershipLovaton Farm Partnership
Lovaton Farm
Lane To Lovaton Farm
EX20 2RA
EX20 2RA2016-06-30
Luppo Diepenbroek BBQ ServiceLuppo Diepenbroek BBQ Service2018-01-18
Lydford Caravan & Camping ParkLydford Caravan & Camping Park
Lydford Caravan And Camping Park
Road From Battishill Farm To Hawthorn Park
EX20 4BE
EX20 4BE2018-03-15
Lydford Country HouseLydford Country House
Lydford Country House
Road From Lydford School To Dartmoor Inn
EX20 4AU
EX20 4AU2018-02-14
Lydford Farm ShopLydford Farm Shop
Lydford Farm Shop
EX20 4AU
EX20 4AU2018-03-06
Lydford GorgeLydford Gorge
Lydford Gorge
EX20 4BH
EX20 4BH2016-09-27
Lydford Primary SchoolLydford Primary School
Lydford Primary School
School Road
EX20 4AU
EX20 4AU2018-03-20
Lydgate House HotelLydgate House Hotel
Lydgate House Hotel
PL20 6TJ
PL20 6TJ2014-07-02
Lyndale Residential HomeLyndale Residential Home
Lyndale Residential Home
31 Plymouth Road
PL19 8BS
PL19 8BS2017-12-17
Mad HattersMad Hatters2017-02-07
Made in TaviMade in Tavi2017-01-24
West Fishleigh
EX20 3QA
EX20 3QA2018-01-18
Mai ' da - The FeastMai ' da - The Feast
37 Fore Street
EX20 1HB
EX20 1HB2017-06-30
Manor Farm KitchenManor Farm Kitchen
Whitelady House, Manor Farm
Road From The Old Chapel To Was Tor Cross
EX20 4BL
EX20 4BL2017-11-02
Manor House HotelManor House Hotel
Manor House Hotel
Road From Bowerland Cross To F
EX20 4NA
EX20 4NA2017-03-01
Marcias Catering and CakesMarcias Catering and Cakes2018-07-24
4 Church Court
St James Street
EX20 1DJ
EX20 1DJ2018-10-20
Market GardenMarket Garden
4 The Market
PL19 0AL
PL19 0AL2018-03-07
Market InnMarket Inn
Market Inn
2 Whitchurch Road
PL19 9BB
PL19 9BB2018-03-29
Martin KingMartin King2018-11-06
Martin McCollsMartin McColls
8-9 Fore Street
EX20 1AN
EX20 1AN2016-06-28
Mary Tavy & Brentor Under 5's Pre-SchoolMary Tavy & Brentor Under 5's Pre-School
Coronation Hall
Road From Walford House To Mar
PL19 9PB
PL19 9PB2017-10-18
Mary Tavy and Brentor School PTAMary Tavy and Brentor School PTA
Mary Tavy And Brentor Primary School
Road From Dowerland Farm To Kent House
PL19 9PR
PL19 9PR2018-03-06
Mary Tavy Post Office & Stores LtdMary Tavy Post Office & Stores Ltd
Post Office Stores
PL19 9PA
PL19 9PA2018-03-06
Meadowside Residential HomeMeadowside Residential Home
Meadowside Residential Home
35 Plymouth Road
PL19 8BS
PL19 8BS2018-12-01
Meavy Church of England Primary SchoolMeavy Church of England Primary School
Meavy Church Of England Primary School
Road From Lower Meavy Bridge To Marchants Way
PL20 6PJ
PL20 6PJ2018-03-06
Middletown Farmhouse B&BMiddletown Farmhouse B&B2018-01-25
Mill End HotelMill End Hotel
Mill End Hotel
TQ13 8JN
TQ13 8JN2018-03-12
Milton Abbot SchoolMilton Abbot School
Milton Abbot Primary School
PL19 0PS
PL19 0PS2018-03-20
Montessori Nursery GroupMontessori Nursery Group
Whitchurch Methodist Church
Whitchurch Road
PL19 9EG
PL19 9EG2017-01-24
Unit 3
5 West Street
EX20 1HQ
EX20 1HQ2018-09-27
Moor Food LtdMoor Food Ltd2018-02-02
Moor T @ Long AshMoor T @ Long Ash
Long Ash
PL20 7LL
PL20 7LL2018-03-06
Moorgate Residential HomeMoorgate Residential Home
Moorgate Residential Home
PL20 7RZ
PL20 7RZ2018-03-08
Moorland Garden HotelMoorland Garden Hotel
Moorland Garden Hotel
Lane To Moorland Links Hotel
PL20 6DA
PL20 6DA2018-10-16
Moorland Grocery StoreMoorland Grocery Store
70b The Square
TQ13 8AE
TQ13 8AE2019-01-17
Moorland HallMoorland Hall
Moorland Hall
Brentor Road
PL19 9PY
PL19 9PY2018-02-22
Mount Kelly CollegeMount Kelly College
Kelly College
Parkwood Road
PL19 0HZ
PL19 0HZ2017-06-06
Mount Kelly Prep SchoolMount Kelly Prep School
Mount Kelly Preparatory School
Mount Tavy Road
PL19 9JL
PL19 9JL2017-06-06
Mr JH & Mrs JA VanstoneMr JH & Mrs JA Vanstone2019-01-16
Mrs T'sMrs T's2018-08-30
N V Q Catering KitchenN V Q Catering Kitchen
Okehampton Community College
Mill Road
EX20 1PW
EX20 1PW2018-03-13
Naturopathy for LivingNaturopathy for Living
New Hot FoodNew Hot Food
28 West Street
EX20 1HH
EX20 1HH2019-01-09
Nicholls HallNicholls Hall
Nicholls Hall
EX20 4BH
EX20 4BH2018-03-13
Nicola Mansells Cakes & PuddingsNicola Mansells Cakes & Puddings
West Nymph House
Road From Spitlar Cross To Youlden Lane
EX20 2RJ
EX20 2RJ2018-02-05
North Tawton Community P SchoolNorth Tawton Community P School
North Tawton Primary School
Exeter Street
EX20 2HB
EX20 2HB2017-09-20
North Tawton Pre-School & Busy BeesNorth Tawton Pre-School & Busy Bees
North Tawton Primary School
Exeter Street
EX20 2HB
EX20 2HB2017-09-20
Northlake Bed & BreakfastNorthlake Bed & Breakfast
Road Past Fatherford Farm
EX20 1QH
EX20 1QH2016-06-21
Northlew & Ashbury Primary SchoolNorthlew & Ashbury Primary School
Northlew And Ashbury Church Of Englend P
Road From Path House To Brook Cottage
EX20 3PB
EX20 3PB2018-03-09
Northlew Village Stores Com Int CoNorthlew Village Stores Com Int Co
Station Road
EX20 3NP
EX20 3NP2018-03-16
NPV DiagnosticsNPV Diagnostics
Unit 2, Down Farm
Road From Tuell Down Cross To Blacksmiths Arms
PL19 8QA
PL19 8QA2018-03-15
Oaktree Occasions LtdOaktree Occasions Ltd
Unit 5b
Cranmere Road
EX20 1UE
EX20 1UE2018-03-15
Oakwood B & BOakwood B & B
PL19 0NN
PL19 0NN2018-01-29
OFC Fried ChickenOFC Fried Chicken
35 Fore Street
EX20 1HB
EX20 1HB2018-02-15
Oggy Oggy Pasty Co TavistockOggy Oggy Pasty Co Tavistock
3 Brook Street
PL19 0HD
PL19 0HD2018-11-03
Higher Fingle Farm
EX6 6NP2017-08-17
Okehampton Primary School KitchenOkehampton Primary School Kitchen
Okehampton Primary School
Glendale Road
EX20 1JB
EX20 1JB2018-03-13
Okehampton Community CollegeOkehampton Community College
Okehampton Community College
Mill Road
EX20 1PW
EX20 1PW2018-03-13
Okehampton Post OfficeOkehampton Post Office
8 George Street
EX20 1HW
EX20 1HW2016-06-28
Okehampton RFCOkehampton RFC
The Showfield
Oaklands Park
EX20 1LN
EX20 1LN2019-01-23
Okehampton Youth HostelOkehampton Youth Hostel
Okehampton Youth Hostel
Klondyke Road
EX20 1EW
EX20 1EW2018-11-17
Okeside Cottage B & BOkeside Cottage B & B2018-09-27
Okeside Cottage CakesOkeside Cottage Cakes2018-09-27
Old Police Station CafeOld Police Station Cafe
Old Police Station Cafe
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QF
PL20 6QF2018-03-28
One Drake Road B&BOne Drake Road B&B
1 Drake Road
PL19 0AU
PL19 0AU2019-01-23
One Market Street CafeOne Market Street Cafe
1 Market Street
EX20 3JN
EX20 3JN2018-03-09
One OkehamptonOne Okehampton
83-84 West Street
PL19 8AQ
PL19 8AQ2017-11-08
11 Fore Street
EX20 1AN
EX20 1AN2016-07-27
Ox-Yard RestaurantOx-Yard Restaurant
Buckland Abbey
Road From Fairfield To South L
PL20 6EY
PL20 6EY2018-03-20
Palmers of Tavistock LimitedPalmers of Tavistock Limited
50 Brook Street
PL19 0BJ
PL19 0BJ2018-02-12
Panckaes & Waffles LtdPanckaes & Waffles Ltd2018-02-01
Partake of CakePartake of Cake2018-03-15
Pavillion in the ParkPavillion in the Park
Okehampton Community Recreation Associat
Mill Road
EX20 1PW
EX20 1PW2018-10-20
Peace and Coffee LtdPeace and Coffee Ltd2018-02-22
Penmoor Nursery SchoolPenmoor Nursery School
Memorial Hall
Meavy Lane
PL20 6AL
PL20 6AL2018-03-23
Pepper Street BakeryPepper Street Bakery
13 Cornwall Street
PL20 7BE
PL20 7BE2016-12-21
Peter Tavy InnPeter Tavy Inn
Peter Tavy Inn
PL19 9NN
PL19 9NN2018-03-06
Pip's Candy FlossPip's Candy Floss2018-05-08
PL20 6SG
PL20 6SG2019-02-06
Pixies HoltPixies Holt
Pixies Holt
Road From Dartmeet Bridge To H
PL20 6SG
PL20 6SG2018-03-29
Pizwell FarmPizwell Farm
Pizwell Farm
Road To Pizwell Farm
PL20 6TN
PL20 6TN2017-01-11
Pizza PlusPizza Plus
19 East Street
EX20 1AT
EX20 1AT2018-02-15
Plates and BakesPlates and Bakes2018-10-20
Play PlanetPlay Planet
2 Pixon Court
Access To Crelake Industrial Estate
PL19 9AZ
PL19 9AZ2018-03-23
Poppys CafePoppys Cafe
Bob's Cafe, Pannier Market
The Market
PL19 0AL
PL19 0AL2018-06-13
Post InnPost Inn
The Post Inn
Exeter Road
EX20 2QT
EX20 2QT2016-12-21
Post Office StoresPost Office Stores
Post Office Stores
PL20 6TH
PL20 6TH2017-10-30
Powdermills PotteryPowdermills Pottery
The Forge, Powder Mills
PL20 6SP
PL20 6SP2016-04-20
Premier Lifton (Canteen)Premier Lifton (Canteen)
Ambrosia Creamery
Station Road
PL16 0BB
PL16 0BB2019-02-07
Premier StorePremier Store
11 Fore Street
PL20 7AA
PL20 7AA2018-01-14
Pretoria VaultsPretoria Vaults
22 North Street
EX20 1AR
EX20 1AR2018-01-29
Prince Hall HotelPrince Hall Hotel
Prince Hall Hotel
PL20 6SA
PL20 6SA2018-12-18
Princetown Community Primary SchoolPrincetown Community Primary School
Princetown Primary School
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QE
PL20 6QE2017-05-25
PWS-Arundell Arms HotelPWS-Arundell Arms Hotel
The Arundell Arms Hotel
Fore Street
PL16 0AA
PL16 0AA2017-10-12
PWS-Castle Drogo RestaurantPWS-Castle Drogo Restaurant
Castle Drogo
EX6 6PB2017-06-15
PWS-Collaven Manor HotelPWS-Collaven Manor Hotel
Collaven Manor Hotel
EX20 4HH
EX20 4HH2017-11-07
PWS-Compass at Okehampton Camp (inc Wilsworthy)PWS-Compass at Okehampton Camp (inc Wilsworthy)
Okehampton Camp
Road From Moor Gate To Park Farm
EX20 1QP
EX20 1QP2017-08-10
PWS-Dartmoor InnPWS-Dartmoor Inn
Dartmoor Inn
PL20 6ST
PL20 6ST2018-06-22
PWS-Dingles Fairground Heritage CentrePWS-Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre
Dingles Heritage Fairground, Milford Farm
PL16 0AT
PL16 0AT2017-03-31
PWS-Dunns Dairy, Beacon View FarmPWS-Dunns Dairy, Beacon View Farm
Beacon View Farm
EX6 6PF2018-08-22
PWS-Gooseford Farm B&BPWS-Gooseford Farm B&B
Gooseford Farm
EX20 2QQ
EX20 2QQ2016-06-24
PWS-Janie CraigPWS-Janie Craig2018-03-08
PWS-Lee ByrePWS-Lee Byre
Lee Byre
EX20 4PE
EX20 4PE2018-01-29
PWS-Nattadon Hill HousePWS-Nattadon Hill House2018-02-09
PWS-Peek Hill FarmPWS-Peek Hill Farm
Peek Hill Farm
PL20 6PD
PL20 6PD2017-01-24
PWS-Waye FarmPWS-Waye Farm2017-01-11
Queens HeadQueens Head
79-80 West Street
PL19 8AQ
PL19 8AQ2017-08-27
Railway InnRailway Inn
The Railway Inn
EX20 2BE
EX20 2BE2018-03-27
Rainbow Pre SchoolRainbow Pre School
Okehampton Community College
Mill Road
EX20 1PW
EX20 1PW2018-05-18
Bridge House
25 Fore Street
EX20 1DL
EX20 1DL2019-01-09
Refresh Community SpaceRefresh Community Space
New Life Church
2 New Road
EX20 1ET
EX20 1ET2019-03-07
Ring O'BellsRing O'Bells
Ring O'bells
44 The Square
TQ13 8AH
TQ13 8AH2017-06-15
Riverside DinerRiverside Diner2018-05-31
Riverside Stores & Post OfficeRiverside Stores & Post Office2018-05-25
Robertson's Humble PieRobertson's Humble Pie
8 Pepper Street
PL19 0BD
PL19 0BD2018-02-12
Robertson's Organic CafeRobertson's Organic Cafe
4-8 Pepper Street
PL19 0BD
PL19 0BD2018-11-03
Roots and VinesRoots and Vines
12 West Street
PL19 8AD
PL19 8AD2018-03-15
Royal Oak InnRoyal Oak Inn
The Royal Oak
PL20 6PJ
PL20 6PJ2018-03-14
Rumleigh FarmRumleigh Farm
Rumleigh Farm
PL20 7HN
PL20 7HN2017-11-09
Runnage FarmRunnage Farm
Runnage Farm
Road To Runnage Bridge
PL20 6TN
PL20 6TN2017-01-10
Sally's NewsagentsSally's Newsagents
9 The Square
TQ13 8AA
TQ13 8AA2017-12-15
Sandy Park InnSandy Park Inn
Sandy Park Inn
TQ13 8JW
TQ13 8JW2018-11-08
Sara's CakesSara's Cakes2018-10-14
Say it with CakeSay it with Cake2015-10-24
Seven Stars InnSeven Stars Inn
Seven Stars Inn
EX20 2LW
EX20 2LW2018-03-23
Shell OkehamptonShell Okehampton
Petrol Filling Station
EX20 4LY
EX20 4LY2016-07-11
Shop 'N' Drive SubwayShop 'N' Drive Subway
Petrol Filling Station, Merrymeet Service Area
EX20 2QT
EX20 2QT2016-10-12
Single Estate KoroneikoSingle Estate Koroneiko
7 Nattadon Road
TQ13 8BE
TQ13 8BE2018-01-22
Slimming WorldSlimming World2017-10-05
Slimming WorldSlimming World2017-10-05
Slimming WorldSlimming World2017-10-05
South Tawton Primary SchoolSouth Tawton Primary School
South Tawton Primary School
Tawton Lane
EX20 2LG
EX20 2LG2017-12-14
6 High Street
EX20 2HF
EX20 2HF2018-03-20
60 The Square
TQ13 8AE
TQ13 8AE2017-11-08
Spar OkehamptonSpar Okehampton
Mole Avon
EX20 1QQ
EX20 1QQ2018-11-17
Spar StoresSpar Stores
14 Ford Street
PL19 8DZ
PL19 8DZ2017-12-17
Spreyton C.P. School P.T.A.Spreyton C.P. School P.T.A.
Spreyton Primary School
Road From Cullaford Cross To Spreyton Cross
EX17 5AJ
EX17 5AJ2017-09-21
Spreyton Village ShopSpreyton Village Shop
Spreyton Village Shop
EX17 5DP
EX17 5DP2017-01-11
Spring House Res. HomeSpring House Res. Home
Spring House Residential Care Home
Road From Cudlipptown Cross To Langsford Road
PL19 9NP
PL19 9NP2018-06-12
Springfield Residential HomeSpringfield Residential Home
Springfields Residential Home
Road From The Square To Pigs Leg Cross
EX20 4ER
EX20 4ER2017-12-19
St Andrews School PTASt Andrews School PTA
St Andrews Church Of England Primary Sch
The Village
PL20 7NA
PL20 7NA2017-12-13
St Rumons Church of England Infant SchoolSt Rumons Church of England Infant School
St Rumons Church Of England Infant Schoo
Dolvin Road
PL19 9EA
PL19 9EA2017-03-14
St Thomas of Canterbury Church RoomsSt Thomas of Canterbury Church Rooms
St Thomas A Beckets Church
Road From The Old Manse To Rose Cottage
EX20 3NJ
EX20 3NJ2016-07-29
St. John the Baptist ChurchSt. John the Baptist Church
St John The Baptists Church
Station Road
PL20 7RF
PL20 7RF2018-12-14
Stable Yard BakeryStable Yard Bakery
Road From St Michaels Church To Higher Middlecott Farm
TQ13 8BW
TQ13 8BW2018-03-26
Stannary Brewing Company LtdStannary Brewing Company Ltd
Unit 5a, Pixon Trading Centre
Pixon Lane
PL19 8DH
PL19 8DH2016-05-25
Stepping Stones Day NurseryStepping Stones Day Nursery
Stepping Stones Day Nursery
83 North Street
EX20 1BD
EX20 1BD2017-06-30
Stone Farm And Study CentreStone Farm And Study Centre
Stone Farm
Lane To Stone Farm
EX20 4NR
EX20 4NR2017-12-19
Strawberry Fields Farm Shop LtdStrawberry Fields Farm Shop Ltd
Lifton Strawberry Fields
PL16 0DE
PL16 0DE2019-02-07
Sue RyderSue Ryder
8 West Street
PL19 8AD
PL19 8AD2018-03-05
Suited and RootedSuited and Rooted
T J's Fish & ChipsT J's Fish & Chips
36 Brook Street
PL19 0HE
PL19 0HE2018-11-03
Tally Ho !Tally Ho !
Tally Ho Cottage
14 Market Street
EX20 3JN
EX20 3JN2018-03-07
Tamar Belle LtdTamar Belle Ltd
Tamar Belle Dining Car, Bere Ferrers Station
Drummond Way
PL20 7LT
PL20 7LT2018-03-28
Tamar Valley PreservesTamar Valley Preserves
Parsonage Farm
Road From Hole Cross To St Aub
PL20 7JF
PL20 7JF2017-01-11
Taphill TakeawayTaphill Takeaway
7 Station Road
PL20 7EJ
PL20 7EJ2018-03-23
Tavi Best PizzaTavi Best Pizza
20 West Street
PL19 8AN
PL19 8AN2018-11-16
Tavistock Area Childrens CentreTavistock Area Childrens Centre
Tavistock Area Childrens Centre
Abbey Rise
PL19 9BB
PL19 9BB2018-03-23
Tavistock Area Support ServicesTavistock Area Support Services
Pannier Market
The Market
PL19 0AE
PL19 0AE2016-12-19
Tavistock Area Support ServicesTavistock Area Support Services
The Anchorage Centre
Chapel Street
PL19 8AG
PL19 8AG2014-10-03
Tavistock CollegeTavistock College
Tavistock College
Crowndale Road
PL19 8DD
PL19 8DD2016-11-16
Tavistock Community Primary School 50:50 ClubTavistock Community Primary School 50:50 Club
Tavistock Primary School
Plymouth Road
PL19 8BX
PL19 8BX2017-03-01
Tavistock General HospitalTavistock General Hospital
Tavistock Hospital
Spring Hill
PL19 8LD
PL19 8LD2018-03-11
Tavistock Golf ClubTavistock Golf Club
Tavistock Golf Club
Down Road
PL19 9AQ
PL19 9AQ2018-03-30
Tavistock InnTavistock Inn
Tavistock Inn
19 Brook Street
PL19 0HD
PL19 0HD2018-11-03
Tavistock Methodist ChurchTavistock Methodist Church
Methodist Church
Chapel Street
PL19 8DX
PL19 8DX2018-03-06
Tavistock Rugby Football ClubTavistock Rugby Football Club
Sandy Park
Kilworthy Road
PL19 0JL
PL19 0JL2018-12-11
Tavistock Service Station (Texaco)Tavistock Service Station (Texaco)
Tavistock Service Station
75 Plymouth Road
PL19 8BZ
PL19 8BZ2017-12-17
Tavistock Youth CafeTavistock Youth Cafe
Unit 6, Pixon Court
PL19 9AZ
PL19 9AZ2018-03-23
Taw River InnTaw River Inn
Taw River Inn
EX20 2NW
EX20 2NW2018-10-08
Taw Valley Creamery - CanteenTaw Valley Creamery - Canteen
Taw Valley Creamery
EX20 2DA
EX20 2DA2018-03-29
22 Market Street
PL19 0DD
PL19 0DD2017-04-26
Unit 2-4
Tavistock Retail Park
PL19 9QN
PL19 9QN2017-05-10
Tesco Staff CanteenTesco Staff Canteen
Unit 2-4
Tavistock Retail Park
PL19 9QN
PL19 9QN2017-05-10
Thariks Tandoori Indian RestaurantThariks Tandoori Indian Restaurant
67 West Street
PL19 8AJ
PL19 8AJ2018-03-11
The BartonThe Barton
The Barton
Road From Town Living Farm To Resugga
EX20 1RA
EX20 1RA2016-12-21
The Bearslake InnThe Bearslake Inn
Bearslake Inn
EX20 4HQ
EX20 4HQ2018-05-08
The Bedford HotelThe Bedford Hotel
The Bedford Hotel
1 Plymouth Road
PL19 8BB
PL19 8BB2017-03-27
The Bird CageThe Bird Cage
11 The Square
TQ13 8AA
TQ13 8AA2019-01-17
The Burrator InnThe Burrator Inn
The Burrator Inn
Princetown Road
PL20 6NP
PL20 6NP2018-03-08
The BurrowThe Burrow
The Burrow
EX20 3RY
EX20 3RY2018-03-07
The Cafe on the SquareThe Cafe on the Square
42 The Square
TQ13 8AH
TQ13 8AH2019-02-06
The Chagford InnThe Chagford Inn
Bullers Arms
7 Mill Street
TQ13 8AW
TQ13 8AW2019-01-17
The Chagford Tea CompanyThe Chagford Tea Company
22 Orchard Meadow
TQ13 8BP
TQ13 8BP2018-03-13
The Cheeky ChurroThe Cheeky Churro2017-09-29
The Cheese PantryThe Cheese Pantry
Hatherleigh Market
Road To Abbattoir
EX20 3HT
EX20 3HT2018-02-07
The CherrybrookThe Cherrybrook
The Cherrybrook
PL20 6SP
PL20 6SP2018-07-10
The ChippieThe Chippie
17 Station Road
PL20 7ST
PL20 7ST2019-02-26
The Cider HouseThe Cider House2018-07-25
The Coach HouseThe Coach House
The Coach House Hotel
PL19 8NS
PL19 8NS2018-03-30
The Copper Key InnThe Copper Key Inn
The Copper Key
Fore Street
EX20 2ED
EX20 2ED2017-02-22
The Cornish ArmsThe Cornish Arms
Cornish Arms
15-16 West Street
PL19 8AN
PL19 8AN2017-03-27
The Countryman InnThe Countryman Inn
The Countryman
EX20 2SA
EX20 2SA2014-07-02
The CourtyardThe Courtyard
76 The Square
TQ13 8AE
TQ13 8AE2018-03-20
The Devonshire Bun CompanyThe Devonshire Bun Company2018-07-05
The DovecoteThe Dovecote
38 Red Lion Yard
EX20 1AW
EX20 1AW2017-06-30
The Drewe ArmsThe Drewe Arms
EX6 6QN2016-07-06
The Edgcumbe ArmsThe Edgcumbe Arms
Edgcumbe Arms
The Village
PL19 0PB
PL19 0PB2018-03-26
The Edgcumbe HotelThe Edgcumbe Hotel
Edgcumbe Hotel
2 Fore Street
PL20 7AD
PL20 7AD2018-03-29
The Food GrooveThe Food Groove
Little Thorn Farm
Road From Waye Cross To Tunnaford Cross
TQ13 8DT
TQ13 8DT
The Fountain InnThe Fountain Inn
The Fountain Inn
Fore Street
EX20 1AP
EX20 1AP2016-09-20
The Fruit LoopThe Fruit Loop
Shop, Yarn Market
The Square
TQ13 8AB
TQ13 8AB2016-10-12
The Game LarderThe Game Larder
6 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2017-08-31
The GangesThe Ganges
9 West Street
PL19 8AD
PL19 8AD2018-03-11
The Garden HouseThe Garden House
The Garden House
PL20 7LQ
PL20 7LQ2018-03-07
The George HotelThe George Hotel
The George
5 Market Street
EX20 3JN
EX20 3JN2018-11-17
The Globe InnThe Globe Inn
The Globe Inn
9 High Street
TQ13 8AJ
TQ13 8AJ2018-03-20
The Golden InnThe Golden Inn
The Golden Inn
Burdon Lane
EX21 5LT
EX21 5LT2016-01-14
The Good Grubb GardenThe Good Grubb Garden
EX20 2NT
EX20 2NT2019-01-24
The Green DragonThe Green Dragon
Green Dragon Inn
EX20 3NN
EX20 3NN2019-02-14
The Green RoomThe Green Room
Country Lanes Garden Centre
Road Past Fatherford Farm
EX20 1QH
EX20 1QH2017-09-12
The Harvest HomeThe Harvest Home
Harvest Home
PL19 8HY
PL19 8HY2018-02-09
The Horn of PlentyThe Horn of Plenty
The Horn Of Plenty
PL19 8JD
PL19 8JD2017-11-28
The Hunger BoxThe Hunger Box
10 Branson Park
PL19 9EN
PL19 9EN2018-01-24
The Kings ArmsThe Kings Arms
Kings Arms
EX20 2JP
EX20 2JP2018-03-20
The KitchenThe Kitchen
Windsors Of Tavistock
Russell Street
PL19 8BD
PL19 8BD2018-12-01
The Leaping SalmonThe Leaping Salmon
The Leaping Salmon Inn
Whitchurch Road
PL20 7TP
PL20 7TP2018-11-08
The Little Caravan CanteenThe Little Caravan Canteen
Road From Kent House To The Power Station
PL19 9PR
PL19 9PR2018-02-22
The London InnThe London Inn
London Inn
22 West Street
EX20 1HH
EX20 1HH2019-02-03
The Market CafeThe Market Cafe
Hatherleigh Market
EX20 3HT
EX20 3HT2018-09-11
The Market Plaice FishmongersThe Market Plaice Fishmongers
15 The Market
PL19 0AL
PL19 0AL2018-02-24
The Mary Tavy InnThe Mary Tavy Inn
The Mary Tavy Inn
Road From Walford House To Mary Tavy Inn
PL19 9PN
PL19 9PN2018-03-06
The National TrustThe National Trust
Finch Foundry
Road Past Taw River Inn
EX20 2NW
EX20 2NW2018-10-08
The National Trust Waterfall TearoomThe National Trust Waterfall Tearoom
Tea Room, Lydford Gorge Waterfall Entrance
Road From The Old Chapel To Was Tor Cross
EX20 4BH
EX20 4BH2018-03-26
The New Carlton CinemaThe New Carlton Cinema
New Carlton Cinema
Market Street
EX20 1HN
EX20 1HN2016-07-07
The New InnThe New Inn
The New Inn
EX20 2TB
EX20 2TB2017-06-07
The New Okey Cokey LtdThe New Okey Cokey Ltd
Unit 2-6
Access To North Road Industrial Estate
EX20 1BQ
EX20 1BQ2018-01-31
The Northmore ArmsThe Northmore Arms
Northmore Arms
Road From Barrow Way Cross To
EX20 2JA
EX20 2JA2017-08-17
The Old Dairy Bed & BreakfastThe Old Dairy Bed & Breakfast
The Old Dairy
Road Past Devon Tors Hotel
PL20 6DW
PL20 6DW2018-03-15
The Old ForgeThe Old Forge
6 The Square
TQ13 8AB
TQ13 8AB2017-10-18
The Old InnThe Old Inn
The Old Inn
EX6 6QR2016-07-07
The Old Pump HouseThe Old Pump House
Cafe, The Old Pump House
PL6 7BZ2017-03-27
The Old RectoryThe Old Rectory
The Old Rectory
Road From Gulworthy Cross To Rock Cross
PL19 8JA
PL19 8JA2016-06-08
The Old School TearoomThe Old School Tearoom
Belstone Methodist Church
Road From Rose Cottage To Moor Hall
EX20 1RA
EX20 1RA2016-08-19
The Olde Plough InnThe Olde Plough Inn
Old Plough Inn
Fore Street
PL20 7JL
PL20 7JL2018-11-08
The Original Pasty HouseThe Original Pasty House
Bedford House
2 North Street
PL19 0AN
PL19 0AN2018-11-03
The Oxenham ArmsThe Oxenham Arms
Oxenham Arms
EX20 2JT
EX20 2JT2017-11-09
The Personalised Wedding CompanyThe Personalised Wedding Company
Corner Cottage
22 Bridge Street
EX20 3HY
EX20 3HY2018-01-11
The Plume of FeathersThe Plume of Feathers
The Plume Of Feathers Hotel
38 Fore Street
EX20 1HB
EX20 1HB2018-06-28
The Plume of Feathers InnThe Plume of Feathers Inn
Plume Of Feathers Inn
Plymouth Hill
PL20 6QQ
PL20 6QQ2018-09-13
The Prince of WalesThe Prince of Wales
Prince Of Wales
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QF
PL20 6QF2018-03-08
The Red House Residential HomeThe Red House Residential Home
The Red House Residential Home
PL20 6EF
PL20 6EF2017-03-14
The Red Lion InnThe Red Lion Inn
The Red Lion Inn
EX20 3RY
EX20 3RY2017-01-10
The Rock InnThe Rock Inn
The Rock Inn
PL20 6DS
PL20 6DS2018-03-30
The RoundhouseThe Roundhouse
Wonwood Barton
PL19 8SE
PL19 8SE2017-10-06
The Royal InnThe Royal Inn
The Royal Inn
PL19 8PJ
PL19 8PJ2018-03-07
The Royal SpiceThe Royal Spice
78 West Street
PL19 8AQ
PL19 8AQ2018-03-11
The Scone BoxThe Scone Box
Rose Cottage
Road Past Higher Town Farm
EX21 5AH
EX21 5AH2018-06-22
The Scran VanThe Scran Van
91 Tavy Road
PL19 9HS
PL19 9HS2019-02-12
The Secret StableThe Secret Stable2018-09-04
The Ship Inn, Morwellham QuayThe Ship Inn, Morwellham Quay
The Ship Inn, Morwellham Quay
PL19 8JL
PL19 8JL2018-03-12
The Skylark InnThe Skylark Inn
Skylark Inn
PL20 6JD
PL20 6JD2018-03-12
The Store, South ZealThe Store, South Zeal
The Stores
EX20 2JT
EX20 2JT2018-06-12
The Sweet QueenThe Sweet Queen2018-01-24
The Tavi FryerThe Tavi Fryer
73 West Street
PL19 8AJ
PL19 8AJ2018-02-24
The Three Crowns HotelThe Three Crowns Hotel
Three Crowns
High Street
TQ13 8AJ
TQ13 8AJ2017-12-06
The TorsThe Tors
The Tors
EX20 1QZ
EX20 1QZ2019-01-29
The Trout & TippleThe Trout & Tipple
Trout N Tipple
Parkwood Road
PL19 0JS
PL19 0JS2018-03-29
The Victorian Pantry TearoomsThe Victorian Pantry Tearooms
Museum Of Dartmoor Life
3 West Street
EX20 1HQ
EX20 1HQ2017-10-26
The Warren House InnThe Warren House Inn
Warren House Inn
PL20 6TA
PL20 6TA2018-03-08
The Wharf Coffee Shop & BarThe Wharf Coffee Shop & Bar
Wharf Arts Centre
The Wharf
PL19 8AT
PL19 8AT2018-12-01
The Whitchurch InnThe Whitchurch Inn
The Whitchurch Inn
Church Hill
PL19 9ED
PL19 9ED2018-06-12
The Who'd Have Thought ItThe Who'd Have Thought It
The Who'd Have Thought It Inn
PL20 6HP
PL20 6HP2017-11-28
Thomas'of Bovey/chagfordThomas'of Bovey/chagford
Unit 3
11 The Square
TQ13 8AA
TQ13 8AA2017-10-26
Thorn Cottage B & BThorn Cottage B & B
Thorn Cottage
Burn Lane
PL19 0ND
PL19 0ND2016-07-08
Thrushelton Mill B & BThrushelton Mill B & B
Thrushelton Mill
Road To Lower Mills
EX20 4QY
EX20 4QY2018-01-08
Tinhay Mill Guest HouseTinhay Mill Guest House
Tinhay Mill Guest House
Road From Tinhay Mill Cottage To Station Cottages
PL16 0AJ
PL16 0AJ2017-10-25
4 Market Street
EX20 1HN
EX20 1HN2017-07-13
Tom Cobley TavernTom Cobley Tavern
The Tom Cobley Tavern
EX17 5AL
EX17 5AL2017-09-21
Tony's GrillTony's Grill2017-12-20
Toops FoodsToops Foods
The Cottage, Gees Farm
PL20 6LF
PL20 6LF2018-12-07
Tor Royal FarmTor Royal Farm
Tor Royal
PL20 6SL
PL20 6SL
Tors Vodka LimitedTors Vodka Limited
2nd Floor
22 North Street
EX20 1AR
EX20 1AR2018-10-23
Town Farm Bed and BreakfastTown Farm Bed and Breakfast2018-09-11
Tracey's TreatsTracey's Treats
Treetops ChildcareTreetops Childcare
Treetops Preschool, Bridestowe Village H
Pool Hill
EX20 4EW
EX20 4EW2018-01-29
Tregarland Care Home
51 Whitchurch Road
PL19 9BD
PL19 9BD2017-03-27
Trudy ScrumptiousTrudy Scrumptious2018-03-14
Trudy Scrumptious CafeTrudy Scrumptious Cafe
Refreshment Hut, The Meadows
PL19 8AU
PL19 8AU2018-06-13
Two Bridges HotelTwo Bridges Hotel
Two Bridges Hotel
PL20 6SW
PL20 6SW2018-12-18
Union InnUnion Inn
Union Inn
King Street
PL19 0DS
PL19 0DS2018-02-24
Venn Care LtdVenn Care Ltd
Venn House
PL19 8RX
PL19 8RX2017-10-06
Venville HouseVenville House
Venville House Residential Home
Tavistock Road
PL20 6QE
PL20 6QE2019-02-06
Victoria Social ClubVictoria Social Club
Victoria Social Club
Station Road
PL20 7EJ
PL20 7EJ2017-01-11
Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge2018-11-21
Unit 2, Moorland House
5 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2018-10-16
Vivians HoneyVivians Honey
Vivians Honey Farm
Park Road
EX20 3LJ
EX20 3LJ2018-01-18
W A Bidder & SonsW A Bidder & Sons
2 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2017-08-31
School Way
EX20 1WL
EX20 1WL2016-06-24
Walkhampton InnWalkhampton Inn
The Walkhampton Inn
PL20 6JY
PL20 6JY2018-03-02
Walkhampton Lady Modiford's C or E PWalkhampton Lady Modiford's C or E P
Lady Modifords Church Of England Primary School
PL20 6JR
PL20 6JR2018-03-15
Walkhampton Pre SchoolWalkhampton Pre School
Memorial Hall
Road From Knowle View To Hillc
PL20 6JN
PL20 6JN2016-10-05
Warrens BakeryWarrens Bakery
10 Duke Street
PL19 0BA
PL19 0BA2017-07-19
Wendy's KioskWendy's Kiosk
Bus Station
Plymouth Road
PL19 8AY
PL19 8AY2017-07-19
West Devon ClubWest Devon Club
West Devon Club
3 Abbey Place
PL19 0AB
PL19 0AB2018-05-16
West Nymph FarmWest Nymph Farm
West Nymph Farm
Road From Spitlar Cross To Youlden Lane
EX20 2RJ
EX20 2RJ2018-03-15
West View Residential HomeWest View Residential Home
West View Residential Home
72 Broad Park Road
PL20 7DU
PL20 7DU2018-03-29
Westdown Farm Wild CampingWestdown Farm Wild Camping2018-10-09
Whitchurch Community Primary SchoolWhitchurch Community Primary School
Whitchurch Primary School
School Road
PL19 9SR
PL19 9SR2017-03-14
Whitchurch Montessori NurseryWhitchurch Montessori Nursery
St Peters Church Of England Junior Schoo
School Close
PL19 9HW
PL19 9HW2017-03-14
Whitchurch Post Office & StoresWhitchurch Post Office & Stores
234 Whitchurch Road
PL19 9DQ
PL19 9DQ2017-12-17
White Hart HotelWhite Hart Hotel
White Hart Hotel
Fore Street
EX20 1HD
EX20 1HD2016-08-17
White Hart InnWhite Hart Inn
White Hart
58 Fore Street
EX20 2DT
EX20 2DT2018-03-09
White Hart InnWhite Hart Inn
White Hart Inn
Fore Street
EX20 4EL
EX20 4EL2019-01-24
White StuffWhite Stuff
46-47 Brook Street
PL19 0HE
PL19 0HE2018-10-30
Whitehouse Services (NISA Shop)Whitehouse Services (NISA Shop)
White House Service Station
EX20 1QJ
EX20 1QJ2018-02-11
Whitehouse Services RestaurantWhitehouse Services Restaurant
White House Service Station
Road Past The White House
EX20 1QJ
EX20 1QJ2018-02-11
White's Cake HouseWhite's Cake House2018-02-05
Wild BeefWild Beef2018-09-11
William CaseWilliam Case2018-10-31
Willys Ice Cream & VansWillys Ice Cream & Vans
Rosemont Farm
Road From Corner Cottage To Mo
PL19 0PU
PL19 0PU2017-03-31
Wm Morrison Supermarkets plcWm Morrison Supermarkets plc
128-130 Plymouth Road
PL19 9DS
PL19 9DS2018-03-30
Wongs Fish BarWongs Fish Bar
31 East Street
EX20 1AT
EX20 1AT2018-02-15
Woodys DinerWoodys Diner
Woodys Diner, Sourton Down Picnic Site
Road From Bowerland Cross To Highwayman Inn
EX20 4LY
EX20 4LY2017-07-13
Wrights nuts and bitsWrights nuts and bits2017-02-16
Wydemet B&BWydemet B&B
PL20 6SF
PL20 6SF2018-03-13
Yelverton Care LLPYelverton Care LLP
The Yelverton Nursing And Residential Ho
2-4 Greenbank Terrace
PL20 6DR
PL20 6DR2018-01-14
Yelverton GarageYelverton Garage
Yelverton Garage
1 Moorland Villas
PL20 6DT
PL20 6DT2017-11-10
Yelverton Golf ClubYelverton Golf Club
Yelverton Golf Club
Golf Links Road
PL20 6BN
PL20 6BN2018-03-30
Zest Kitchens LtdZest Kitchens Ltd
43 Chapel Meadow
PL20 7LR
PL20 7LR2017-11-28
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