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NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
Appleby BakeryAppleby Bakery
37 Market Street
CA17 4QN
CA17 4QN2019-02-07
Archbishop Sentamu AcademyArchbishop Sentamu Academy
Mouthlock Centre
CA17 4ES
CA17 4ES2017-12-05
Archway Fish and ChipsArchway Fish and Chips
36 Market Street
CA17 4QW
CA17 4QW2018-01-31
Augill CastleAugill Castle
CA17 4DE
CA17 4DE2017-08-21
Beagles Bakes and BaguettesBeagles Bakes and Baguettes
44 Market Street
CA17 4QW
CA17 4QW2017-12-11
Bessy Beck Trout FarmBessy Beck Trout Farm
CA17 4LY
CA17 4LY2017-07-20
Biggins Nursery Ravenstonedale LtdBiggins Nursery Ravenstonedale Ltd
Ravenstonedale School
CA17 4NQ
CA17 4NQ2019-02-25
Bollam CottageBollam Cottage
Nateby Road
CA17 4JN
CA17 4JN2013-05-08
Brough Castle Farm Ice Cream & TearoomBrough Castle Farm Ice Cream & Tearoom
Brough Castle Farm
CA17 4EJ
CA17 4EJ2017-03-27
Brough Community Primary SchoolBrough Community Primary School
CA17 4EW
CA17 4EW2018-02-01
Brough Fish & Chip ShopBrough Fish & Chip Shop
New Road
CA17 4AS
CA17 4AS2018-11-13
Brough Memorial HallBrough Memorial Hall
Brough Memorial Hall
New Road
CA17 4AS
CA17 4AS2015-11-27
Brough Pre-School NurseryBrough Pre-School Nursery
CA17 4EW
CA17 4EW2018-12-05
Brownber Hall Country HouseBrownber Hall Country House
CA17 4NX
CA17 4NX2016-08-05
C L & C Steadman ButchersC L & C Steadman Butchers
23 Market Street
CA17 4QN
CA17 4QN2018-10-30
5 Waltons Yard
Market Square
CA17 4QT
CA17 4QT2018-01-30
CHOFH'S Tea Room & Take AwayCHOFH'S Tea Room & Take Away
New Road
CA17 4AS
CA17 4AS2017-08-21
Christian HeadChristian Head
Silver Street
CA17 4HA
CA17 4HA2019-01-03
Church GalleryChurch Gallery
3-7 Market Street
CA17 4QS
CA17 4QS2015-06-19
Coast to CoastCoast to Coast
19-21 North Road
CA17 4RH
CA17 4RH2018-12-20
Costa CoffeeCosta Coffee
51-34 Market Street
CA17 4QN
CA17 4QN2018-10-30
Cumbrian Catering SolutionsCumbrian Catering Solutions
CA17 4NG
CA17 4NG2018-03-15
East Station and Buffet CarEast Station and Buffet Car
South Road
CA17 4SY
CA17 4SY2017-11-29
Eden House B&BEden House B&B
65 High Street
CA17 4SH
CA17 4SH2015-02-26
Eden Valley ProduceEden Valley Produce
27 Market Square
CA17 4QT
CA17 4QT2018-07-25
F & R Farms LtdF & R Farms Ltd
Piper Hole
CA17 4NN
CA17 4NN
Farm HarvestFarm Harvest
Unit 45
CA17 4JH
CA17 4JH2018-01-31
Fletcher HouseFletcher House
Fletcher Hill
CA17 4QQ
CA17 4QQ2018-01-23
Halls NewsagentsHalls Newsagents
Market Square
CA17 4QT
CA17 4QT2016-11-22
Happy Days (Eden) LtdHappy Days (Eden) Ltd
Old Artlegarth Farmhouse
CA17 4NW
CA17 4NW2018-08-06
Horse Shoe CafeHorse Shoe Cafe
50-52 Market Street
CA17 4QW
CA17 4QW2018-03-12
Johnstones GarageJohnstones Garage
North Road
CA17 4RP
CA17 4RP2017-09-22
Kirkby Stephen Auction MartKirkby Stephen Auction Mart
Faraday Road
CA17 4QL
CA17 4QL2018-02-26
Kirkby Stephen Grammar SchoolKirkby Stephen Grammar School
Christian Head
CA17 4HA
CA17 4HA2019-02-07
Kirkby Stephen HostelKirkby Stephen Hostel
Fletcher Hill
CA17 4QQ
CA17 4QQ2016-12-06
Kirkby Stephen Primary SchoolKirkby Stephen Primary School
Nateby Road
CA17 4AE
CA17 4AE2018-07-09
Kirkby Stephen Sports & Social ClubKirkby Stephen Sports & Social Club
Market Street
CA17 4QN
CA17 4QN2013-11-12
Krusty's Bike BarnKrusty's Bike Barn
Fletcher Hill
CA17 4QH
CA17 4QH2017-07-11
Lockholme Bed and BreakfastLockholme Bed and Breakfast
48 South Road
CA17 4SN
CA17 4SN2016-07-21
Lune Springs Garden CentreLune Springs Garden Centre
CA17 4NT
CA17 4NT2018-12-05
Mango TreeMango Tree
Market Square
CA17 4QT
CA17 4QT2017-07-17
Masonic HallMasonic Hall
North Road
CA17 4RH
CA17 4RH2018-12-03
Market Street
CA17 4QN
CA17 4QN2018-11-14
Mini EdenMini Eden
23 Market Street
CA17 4QH
CA17 4QH2019-02-25
Mrs P HastedMrs P Hasted
1 Aisgill Moor Cottages
CA17 4JY
CA17 4JY2018-01-23
Nateby InnNateby Inn
CA17 4JP
CA17 4JP2018-09-27
Nateby Service Station ShopNateby Service Station Shop
Nateby Service Station
CA17 4JP
CA17 4JP2017-01-24
North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-opNorth Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op
Redmayne Road
CA17 4RL
CA17 4RL2018-11-09
Old Croft HouseOld Croft House
Market Street
CA17 4QW
CA17 4QW2016-02-04
Pad 9 Youth GroupPad 9 Youth Group
Evergreen Club
Redmayne Road
CA17 4RL
CA17 4RL2017-08-15
Pink GeraniumPink Geranium
40 Market Street
CA17 4QW
CA17 4QW2018-03-07
Platform 3 PlayPlatform 3 Play
3 Station Yard
CA17 4LA
CA17 4LA2017-07-11
Post Office and StoresPost Office and Stores
CA17 4PW
CA17 4PW2018-12-05
Redmayne HouseRedmayne House
Silver Street
CA17 4RB
CA17 4RB2016-10-17
Market Square
CA17 4QT
CA17 4QT2018-11-13
Silver SweetsSilver Sweets
2 Market Street
CA17 4QS
CA17 4QS2017-05-15
Soulby Village HallSoulby Village Hall
CA17 4PL
CA17 4PL2018-05-25
South View Farm B&BSouth View Farm B&B
South View Farm
CA17 4HS
CA17 4HS2018-03-29
35-41 High Street
CA17 4SG
CA17 4SG2014-04-24
Edenside Garage
North Road
CA17 4RP
CA17 4RP2018-12-11
Stainmore CafeStainmore Cafe
CA17 4EU
CA17 4EU2018-11-22
Stobars HallStobars Hall
Stobars Hall
CA17 4HD
CA17 4HD2018-05-24
Stouphill GateStouphill Gate
Townhead Lane
CA17 4NN
CA17 4NN2015-07-24
Swanson HouseSwanson House
Main Street
CA17 4BL
CA17 4BL2018-02-16
The Bay Horse InnThe Bay Horse Inn
CA17 4HS
CA17 4HS2017-04-27
The Belah BridgeThe Belah Bridge
CA17 4EG
CA17 4EG2017-11-01
The Black Bull HotelThe Black Bull Hotel
38 Market Street
CA17 4QW
CA17 4QW2018-08-02
The Black Swan HotelThe Black Swan Hotel
CA17 4NG
CA17 4NG2017-09-15
The Eden EmporiumThe Eden Emporium
The Catholic Church
Market Street
CA17 4QW
CA17 4QW2018-07-25
The Fat LambThe Fat Lamb
CA17 4LL
CA17 4LL2018-03-08
The Golden Fleece InnThe Golden Fleece Inn
Main Street
CA17 4BL
CA17 4BL2018-11-13
The Green Tree Pharmacy LtdThe Green Tree Pharmacy Ltd
6-8 Market Street
CA17 4QS
CA17 4QS2011-11-08
The Inn at BroughThe Inn at Brough
Main Street
CA17 4AX
CA17 4AX2017-08-29
The Jolly Farmers Guest HouseThe Jolly Farmers Guest House
63 High Street
CA17 4SH
CA17 4SH2016-08-19
The Kings Arms HotelThe Kings Arms Hotel
Market Street
CA17 4QN
CA17 4QN2018-06-14
The Kings Head HotelThe Kings Head Hotel
Kings Head Hotel
CA17 4NH
CA17 4NH2017-09-19
The La'l NookThe La'l Nook
1 Croft Street
CA17 4QJ
CA17 4QJ
The Mulberry BushThe Mulberry Bush
35 Market Street
CA17 4QT
CA17 4QT2017-05-09
The One Stop ShopThe One Stop Shop
Main Street
CA17 4BL
CA17 4BL2017-09-26
The Pennine Boutique HotelThe Pennine Boutique Hotel
Market Square
CA17 4QT
CA17 4QT2018-02-08
The Taggy ManThe Taggy Man
4 Market Street
CA17 4QS
CA17 4QS2018-11-13
Tranna HillTranna Hill
CA17 4NY
CA17 4NY2018-03-12
Upper Eden Rugby ClubUpper Eden Rugby Club
Westgarth Road
CA17 4TF
CA17 4TF2017-03-16
West ViewWest View
CA17 4NG
CA17 4NG2018-08-15
Westwood Farm Bed & BreakfastWestwood Farm Bed & Breakfast
Westwood Farm
CA17 4EG
CA17 4EG2015-12-22
Wilf Buckle MeatsWilf Buckle Meats
CA17 4ET
CA17 4ET2017-03-16
Winton Seniors Lunch ClubWinton Seniors Lunch Club
Winton Village Hall
CA17 4HL
CA17 4HL2017-02-09
NameAddressPost CodeRatingDate
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